AL East Being AL East


May 23, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz (34) celebrates after hitting a home run off Cleveland Indians pitcher Zach McAllister (not pictured) during the third inning at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY SportsComing into the 2013 season the Toronto Blue Jays were considered the AL East favorites by many. Not just because they have a stacked team but because the AL East looked ripe for the taking.

It was still going to be the hardest division in baseball but it was going to be easier than most years.

The Yankees were aging which is people’s excuse for why they’re going to fall off every season but this season they also had a ton of injuries to their stars.

The cash strapped Rays lost big impact players James Shields and BJ Upton.

Too much beer and chicken in the clubhouse was catching up to the Red Sox as they were coming off a 93 loss season.

The Orioles were considered lucky by many people last season because they finished the season with an unimpressive +7 run differential and had an unheard of 29-9 record in 1 run games and went 16-2 in extra innings.

Well surprise surprise the toughest division in baseball is just that again this year.

The Blue Jays won their 20th game of the season yesterday. In most sports you win 20 games after a month and a half you’d be darn near undefeated, in baseball not so much.

The Jays are the last team in the division to get to 20 wins. In fact they’re the only last place team in baseball to have 20 wins! The AL East is the only division with 4 teams with a winning record.

The Red Sox won their 20th game May 2nd. Baltimore got theirs May 7th. Yankees got theirs May 9th. The Rays got theirs May 14th.

As a Jays fan that seems depressing at first because it took the Jays until May 23rd. Until you realize that the rest of the division sit at 24- 28 wins right now so they’ve all slowed down enough to give the Jays a small chance to catch up. Or at the very least no one is quite running away with the division.

We all knew even if the rest of the division was going to be a weaker this season which is hasn’t been it was going to be a dog fight. And it’s proven to be just that.