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Rambling Thoughts About Gose Call Up


February 24, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Anthony Gose (8) during spring training against the New York Yankees at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsWhen news broke that the Toronto Blue Jays called up Anthony Gose most Blue Jays fans were probably thinking “Huh?”

The Blue Jays had no new injuries and Gose doesn’t have an open position on the team so it seemed like a strange move.

According to Gibby the Jays called Gose up for a couple reasons.

To be a late inning defensive replacement in left field to give Melky and his sore hamstrings some time off his feet and to be a pinch runner.

With Rajai Davis still on the DL the Jays needed someone to do those things. Gose’s call up might be a sign the Jays expect Rajai to take longer to get back then they thought. Gose will probably go back to the minors when Rajai gets back.

Usually you wouldn’t want one of your top prospects coming to the big leagues if they’re not going to get every day at bats. But with the Blue Jays already on the outside of the playoff race looking in desperate times call for desperate measures.

It could also mean the Jays may not think so highly of Gose anymore so they don’t mind messing with his development.

The funny thing is before the season if you knew Gose was going to be in the big leagues in May the obvious solution would have been put him in right field and let Bautista and Edwin split time at 1st base and DH. But Adam freaking Lind is actually hitting to well to take him out of the lineup.

Gose is also a left handed hitter that struggles against lefties even more than Rasmus so his presence isn’t going to change the Jays bizarre combination against lefties of Rasmus in center, Bonifacio in left field and Melky at DH.

If Rasmus absolutely needs to be pinch hit for with a right handed hitter because a tough left handed reliever comes into the game Gose can take over for Rasmus at center field. And he’ll be an upgrade to!

You’d also have to imagine Gose will get the odd start in center field every now and then.

You’d probably be lying if you said you didn’t think Gose might be here because the leach for Rasmus is getting shorter. But it’s hard to imagine him doing enough to impress in the limited at bats he’ll get to steal the center field job.

Or maybe the Jays are thinking Gose could have enough success while he is in the big leagues to increase his trade value. Obviously he wouldn’t be able to increase his trade value by much in limited big league at bats but he could increase it enough to be an added piece to a trade.

However long Gose is in the big leagues his defense, base running and hopefully hitting should be fun to watch.