Bloggin’ Blue – Blue Jays Links 5/16/13


May 6, 2013; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons (5) in the dugout against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsWelcome friends to another edition of Bloggin’ Blue, where we try our best to pay homage to the best in the Blue Jays Blogosphere.

With the Blue Jays currently on a four-game winning streak, the masses should finally be starting to feel better, and with it the scribes among us will be churning out more and more content in order to feed that euphoria.

Let’s get started shall we?

Over at The Blue Jays Dugout, where we have a cautionary tale about how not to approach your favorite players at a signing, in this case Jesse Barfield.

Token Quote:

"I immediately looked like the crazy dude who brought his entire baseball collection to get signed. And it doesn’t matter what you say, or what your intentions are. When a woman with a clip board asks you to “move along”, you instantly look like a doofus."

Next we move over to Evan Peaslee at, who talks about Melky Cabrera‘s desire to keep playing through the hamstring issues he’s currently going through. Oh, and if anyone is looking for a sign that we all make proof-reading mistakes…

Token Quote:

"The injury was more confirmation than anything for the Blue Jays as Cabrera will continue to play through the injury."

From there we’ll jump on over to our friends at MLB Trade Rumors, who did a round-up of some of the better catching prospects in the game. In the piece, Marc Hulet discusses how the Blue Jays were once an envy of catching depth, but after recent trades to bolster the rotation, that depth is thinning. Still, we have the likes of A.J. Jimenez and Santiago Nessy to look forward to, but where is Josh Thole in this conversation?

Token Quote:

"Nessy received his first full-season assignment in 2013 and was off to a respectable start before suffering a concussion while trying to breakup a double play at second base. He has plus raw power and has made huge strides on the defensive side of his game."

From a site proliferated by rumors to another more grounded in reality, we move on to Bluebird Banter next. Tom Dakers does a great job of breaking down just what we love and hate when it comes to having John Gibbons as a manager. No doubt that the Toronto manager is polarizing in that fans can’t decide if they like him or not, so Daker’s piece summing up both sides is apt.

Token Quote:

"I hate the 8-man bullpen. Hate is too soft a word. Buffalo is just a couple of hours away, if we need a pitcher, if the bullpen does get over used, we can get someone up in a hurry."

And to wrap things up, and to segway from Daker’s quote above, we’re going to move on to Andrew Stoeten at Drunk Jays Fans. Stoeten is always dialed into the pulse of the Blue Jays nation and he catches everything on Twitter. Yesterday, he caught an interesting tweet which seems to indicate that Jeremy Jeffress is on his way back to Toronto. The key question is…why?

Token Quote:

"Uh… Brad Lincoln getting shipped back down to the minors, then? Mickey Storey getting D’d FA?Either one of those moves seems about right, I’d figure. And no offence to those guys, but that sounds way preferable to another damn injury."