Bonifacio: The X-Factor


April 10, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Toronto Blue Jays second baseman Emilio Bonifacio (1) throws his helmet after he strikes out in the sixth inning against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
When we made the mega-duper trade with Miami, I stated that Emilio Bonifacio would be the X-Factor of the trade. One of those slightly under the radar guys who had talent and tools that a 25 man roster needs. Plats infield and outfield, can hit and has blazing speed. He was kind of Jose Reyes light. In 2011 with regular playing time he had a .296 AVG with 40 steals and a .360 OBP. Sounds like a great lead off hitter or with us a useful bat at the bottom of the order.

With those stats leading into his prime years with us, I thought he was going to shove Izturis to the bench and run with the role of starting 2B. And this is why we all love this game because nothing is for sure. Nothing is a given…as long as that uncertainty balances out with the other teams. I don’t know what weird hex has been thrown on our team but I see that crazed look of indifference in Boni’s eye. He doesn’t look comfortable, his spirit seems crushed already. With Reyes already our rah rah guy we need someone to step up that is not named Kawsaki. Boni could have been that guy.

I see it with my eyes. There is no fight in this team. If Boni could lighten it up, steal a couple bases, flash the leather (rather than sit on it) we would be a better team today. Instead he has a slash line of .171/.213/.300. Add to that his 23 Ks against 3 walks, no stolen bases (not even an attempt at one) and you have the poster boy for our newbie underachievers (yeah you too Dickey and Buehrle). Did all the colours of Miami’s stadium cause their brains to malfunction? There were circles that lauded th fact we were getting this guy.

I expect players to be held accountable and thank you Mr. Gibbons for pinning his Boni butt to the bench (see what I did there?). Do not put him in again unless you can prove to me he is better to have in the field that Rajai DAvis or Colby Rasmus or Maicer Izturis. We need desperately to get out of this funk and Boni could still be that X-Factor. He is performing at his worst so perhaps with a little patience we will again see him at his best. a 10th man kind of sparkplug. Not Mopey McBoringson that we have seen so far. Feel free to list your favourite underachiever in the comments below.