LIVE Game Thread: Boston Red Sox (19-8) @ Toronto Blue Jays (10-18) – The Battling Depression Edition


Jun 29, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; Fans watch batting practice before the Los Angeles Angels game against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Blue Jays will attempt to win their first home-series of the season tonight at Rogers Centre, wrapping up a three-game set with the Boston Red Sox. The Blue Jays made a few (more) roster moves today, reversing the bottom of the starting rotation and calling up a player you may have heard of named Ricky Romero. Now that the dust has settled we know that J.A. Happ will start against veteran Canadian right hander Ryan Dempster in a huge game for the Jays.

Happ has arguably been the best pitcher so far this year for the Blue Jays and is currently the only starter with an ERA under four. His AL experience is limited to a short sample size but he’s one of the few pitchers that I can recall that has actually pitched better in the American League compared to the National League. Fly ball pitchers like him are supposed to get rocked in the dome but so far he sports a very solid 7.7 H/9 to go along with 7.7 SO/9 this season. The Jays will need a strong performance from him tonight to slow down this suddenly scary Boston lineup.

The idea of picking up Ryan Dempster was at least floated around in Blue Jays fan land this offseason but the Canadian righty and his $13.5 million salary ended up going to New England. After getting pounded in Texas after being traded from Chicago last year he appears to have found an early groove. His stats this year are incredible sporting an extremely low 6.0 H/9 to go along with a dominating 12.9 K/9. Don’t worry about the fact that he’s 1-2 on the season we all know wins and losses don’t mean a thing anymore.

The Blue Jays lineup card was just released and it looks like the juggling continues:

Lind is better than Colby at the 2 spot but I still don’t like this lineup. I’ll let you guys debate more in the comments.

The Red Sox will look like this tonight:

Yesterday was a tough night for Toronto sports fans. I have been trying my best to hold onto faith for the Jays by refusing the use the “P” word but they really need to start winning… now!

Join us for live updates every half inning – hopefully you won’t sense my oncoming depression if the Blue Jays get killed again.