“MLB 13: The Show” Simulates Blue Jays 2013 Season


Screenshot courtesy of MLB 13: The Show, at theshownation.com/

Almost a month ago, I bought my copy of “MLB 13: The Show” from my local game shop. The first thing I did when I got my copy was beat the Boston Red Sox playing as the Blue Jays and, more specifically, R.A. Dickey. Throwing that sweet 81 MPH knuckler netted an end result of a complete game 2 hit shutout with 13 strikeouts. The second thing I did was play around in Franchise Mode. It allows you to both play the regular season as the Blue Jays as a gamer and as a General Manager, allowing you to make trades, designate assignments and effectively run a baseball club from top to bottom.

Earlier today I ran a simulation of the entire 2013 season for the Blue Jays, completely devoid of personal feelings to trade away Adam Lind and make Steve Delabar permanent closer; doing only what the auto-run program allowed. What ended up happening was rather…interesting.

The following are the results of my “MLB 13: The Show” Blue Jays simulation.

Player Stats (Overall Out Of 99)


Jose Reyes – 95
Melky Cabrera – 83
Jose Bautista – 98
Edwin Encarnacion – 96
Adam Lind – 77
Brett Lawrie – 80
Colby Rasmus -76
J.P. Arencibia – 81
Emilio Bonifacio – 87

Maicer Izturis – 70
Henry Blanco – 75
Rajai Davis – 74
Mark DeRosa – 64

Top Contact: Melky Cabrera/Jose Reyes (85)
Top Power: Jose Bautista (99)
Top Speed: Rajai Davis (99)
Top Fielding: J.P. Arencibia 79, Jose Reyes 74 (Everyone else on the team is sub-70)


R.A. Dickey – 95
Brandon Morrow – 90
Mark Buehrle – 80
Josh Johnson – 92
J.A. Happ – 72

Casey Janssen – 88
Sergio Santos – 85
Darren Oliver – 84
Steve Delabar – 82
Brett Cecil – 72
Esmil Rogers – 71
Aaron Loup – 73

Top Stamina: R.A. Dickey (99)
Top H/9: Steve Delabar (88)
Top K/9: Sergio Santos (97)
Top BB/9: Mark Buehrle (88)
Top HR/9: Josh Johnson (81)
Top “Clutch”: R.A. Dickey (86)

Regular Season Results

x-Rays 101-61
y-Blue Jays 93-69
Red Sox 92-70
Yankees 81-81
Orioles 67-95

x-Tigers 91-71
Indians 83-79
Royals 78-84
White Sox 75-87
Twins 62-100

x-Athletics 96-67
y-Angels 95-68
Rangers 89-73
Mariners 65-97
Astros 59-103

x-Nationals 88-74
y-Phillies 85-78
Braves 83-79
Mets 77-85
Marlins 63-99

x-Reds 92-70
Cardinals 83-79
Pirates 75-87
Brewers 75-87
Cubs 73-89

x-Dodgers 94-68
y-Padres 87-75
Diamondbacks 84-79
Giants 80-82
Rockies 66-96

Postseason Results

AL WC: Blue Jays 1-0 Angels
NL WC: Padres 1-0 Phillies

ALDS: Tigers 3-2 Athletics / Blue Jays 3-2 Rays
NLDS: Nationals 3-2 Reds / Padres 3-1 Dodgers

ALCS: Tigers 4-3 Blue Jays
NLCS: Padres 4-3 Nationals

World Series: Tigers 4-1 Padres
WS MVP: Miguel Cabrera

AL MVP: Prince Fielder (.313/47 HR/126 RBI)
NL MVP: Ryan Braun (.326/38 HR/119 RBI)
AL CyY: David Price (20-5/3.00 ERA/203 K)
NL CyY: Kris Medlen (18-7/2.16 ERA/151 K)
AL Hank: Jose Bautista (.318/41 HR/114 RBI)
NL Hank: Ryan Braun (.326/38 HR/119 RBI)

Things Of Note

Mike Trout won the AL CF Gold Glove, with Adam Jones coming in second place. Like he should have in 2012.
Lance Berkman suffered a shoulder injury on Opening Night and was shut down for the rest of the season, retiring in the off-season.
-Despite best efforts, Ricky Romero was the 5th starter for most of the Blue Jays’ season, while J.A. Happ was the swingman out of the bullpen.
-Steve Delabar ended up saving 14 games for the Blue Jays due to a Casey Janssen injury. Janssen himself ended the season totaling 25, Santos with 5.
-Emilio Bonifacio stole 57 bases in a full time role at 2B.
-Jose Reyes hit 17 HR’s and had an OBP of .359.
-Edwin Encarnacion lead the Blue Jays with 43 HR’s. He was third in the AL in HR’s, behind Prince Fielder (47) and the Astros’ Chris Carter (53).
-Brett Lawrie stayed fully dimed for the entire season.

What can we learn from this simulation exercise? The Padres are going to make it to the World Series. Bautista and EE are going to combine for 80+ home runs. Finally, Kris Medlen will win pitching’s most coveted award with only 151 strikeouts. Place your bets now!

In all likelihood, none of these simulated events will happen, but it’d be nice if the Blue Jays can make it at least to the ALCS. Who knows?

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