Back Up 3B Options In 2013


Feb 24, 2013; Dunedin, FL, USA; Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Mark DeRosa (35) during a spring training game against the Baltimore Orioles at Florida Auto Exchange Park. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY SportsIf you’re a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays or a fan of Brett Lawrie you’re probably going to have to get used to the depressing fact that Lawrie’s probably going to be very injury prone during his career.

As we look forward to the 2013 season let’s look at back up options the Blue Jays have at 3rd base if Lawrie’s current injury lingers onto opening day or if he gets injured again during the season.

Unlike the Blue Jays back up CF options in 2013 if Colby Rasmus stays injured or gets injured again the Jays back up 3rd base options aren’t quite as bearable.

What better way to start this depressing thought than to start with the worst case scenario? Mark Derosa could start games at 3rd base. Derosa’s 38 years old and hasn’t even played full time since 2009. Any defensive or offensive contribution he made would just be a welcomed surprise.

The Blue Jays could put Emilio Bonifacio or Maicer Izturis at 3rd base.

Bonifacio would seem like a long shot at 3rd base. Bonifacio has had very limited playing time in the infield the last few years. That’s obvious if you’ve been following the Blue Jays spring training because it seems like he makes errors every time he plays. And that’s with him getting daily reps at 2nd base. If he’s been struggling playing 2nd base with practice it’s probably not that good an idea to play him at 3rd where he’ll get a lot less practice.

Izturis has mostly played at 2nd base in his career but he can play 3rd. With his infield experience he would definitely make the adjustment to 3rd base a lot quicker and easier than Bonifacio.

The Blue Jays also have the option of resurrecting E5 by putting Edwin Encarnacion at 3rd base. Unlike Bonifacio, Edwin can get to balls he just can’t throw them accurately. If you believe Edwin’s defensive struggles affect him at the plate then that option really becomes unappealing.

The Jays could put Jose Bautista at 3rd base. Bautista at 3rd base is fine defensively but the Blue Jays back-up right fielders Rajai Davis and Moises Sierra are not.

All of this is really just a long way of saying please Brett Lawrie for the love of all that is holy get healthy and stay healthy!