The Fun Of Watching Spring Training Games


March 22, 2012; Dunedin, FL, USA; Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia (9) talks with starting pitcher Brandon Morrow (23) on the mound in the second inning against the Philadelphia Phillies in a spring training game at Florida Auto Exchange Park. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsFor the first time in a very long time the Toronto Blue Jays are going into a season considered to be one of the “World Series favorites”. I can’t speak for the rest of the Blue Jays fans in the world but I know in Toronto and for most if not all of Canada a lot of this year’s Blue Jays Spring Training games will be televised because of the hype.

Obviously Spring Training games just don’t compare to a regular season or playoff game but that doesn’t mean they still don’t have their own charm.

For starters you get to watch baseball! After no MLB to watch for almost four months getting to watch a watered down version is still better than watching no baseball.

You get to see players acquired this offseason play in a Blue Jays uniform for the first time. You get to see Blue Jays player’s old and new try to shake off the rust of the offseason and work on their game.

You’re bound to see some of the Blue Jays and their opponent’s top prospects start or enter a game. You’ll get to see players you haven’t even heard about yet in the Jays and their opponent’s minor league system.

Like being a biased fan? Spring Training is perfect for that. If the Blue Jays or one of your favorite players does something good and there happens to be a person or people who don’t believe in the team or the player around you can yell at them saying things like “YE THAT’S RIGHT BABY! YOU KNOW HOW WE GET DOWN!” If the Blue Jays or one of your favorite players do something bad then you can just say its Spring Training, they’re just working on something/they’re rusty. That’s the kind of beautiful two faced smack talk you can’t really get away with during the regular season.

Most importantly Spring Training games help take away some of the pain of having to wait for the regular season to begin.