Who Holds the Key?


July 28, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins second baseman Emilio Bonifacio (1) during batting practice before a game against the San Diego Padres at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
I want you to start looking up and down your in-head lineups for your 2013 Toronto Blue Jays. With half the roster new to the team since the end of the 202 season, we see many more shining lights. More talent to bring us to the playoff play land that is October baseball. Out of all these names staring you in the face, all the previous accolades bestowed upon the new masses, who is the key? Who will be the unsung hero. The Mannyuel Lee or John MacDonald of our time (I am kidding about Lee kids).

It is the name that slips through your lips like a fine Islay Scotch on a cool winter’s eve. So smooth in action and in enunciation….Emililo Bonifacio….Emeeeeeeeelllyooooo Bonifaasheeoohhhhhh. This mere mortal of a man, the one playing for your Toronto Blue Jays, will run rings around you with speed, max effort and heart. Emilio Bonifaciooooooh……the true key to our pennant chances.

This “super-sub” has the tools and talent to help through an inevitable injury issue. He can give you great at bats, OBP and speed on the bases with average to above average glove work in the outfield and most of the infield. A man who could start on most other teams. A craftsman of utility. The reason championships are won is that all 25 men out on that field has the talent to succeed in their given situations. Cito Gaston was a huge proponent of men knowing their role and playing it well. The luxury we have is that there is always going to be a suitable replacement for many positions with one man. Cito never had a Bonifacio. He changes those roles.

When you are allowed more diversity between 4 maybe 5 bench guys it gives that manager another layer of possibilities in the endless situations encountered in a single game of baseball. One man almost becomes two. Being able to pencil in 5 days a week of Bonifacio you know you will hardly skip a beat on offence or defense. There is enough protection around Emilio that he will be able to thrive, to not feel like he has to do it all. That is the mystique of Bonifacioooohh…

if we are to be the success we know we can be it isn’t going to be about the stars who perform as they should perform. It is the glue men like Bonifacio and Rajai Davis and even a Mike McCoy. You don’t want there to be a let up if you go to the bench. McCoy is the late inning defensive glue. Davis may be an average all around player but he is a plus with the speed. Take that useful fourth outfielder and add a more patient bat and defense diversity and you have Emilio. That is the power of Bonifacio. Talent, speed, patience and skill. I tell you the name just rolllllls off the tongue as it settles into the winds. Bonifacio…he is the king key.