My Christmas in Blue


Sep 27, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero (24) looks on from the dugout against the New York Yankees at the Rogers Centre. The Blue Jays beat the Yankees 6-0. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports
Being a tall man with long strides the shopping season is the bane of my existence. There was something I needed to procure. Something I had set my eyes on from the start of last season. A representation of loyalty and triumph and optimism. I had to get my hand on a Jays cap.

The local hat selection store had a vast array of colours spreading from wall to wall. I only have eyes for Blue Jays blue though. The differing shades of Blue Jays logo strewn throughout the store were enticing though. I approach slowly, my head swiveling. Fitted it must be. Crisp and clean stitching it must have. The embossed emblem screaming to the world where my allegiance lay.

I scan the sizes and snatch the prey from the nested hat wall. As soon as it is rung in and paid I rip off the stickers and twist the brim juuuuust so (brim adjusting shall vary from person to person). I might as well get it started right. This will be a year of gripping the edges tight during a close game. Pulling the brim over my eyes during a possible history making moment. The cap drenched in sweat from the hot summer sun sitting inside the big convertible.

From the perfect blends of colours to the eventual twisted knotted mess at the end of a grueling season I am proud of my cap. Shove a Timmy’s and a smoke in my hand and I am Canadiana personified! I have tossed my JP Ricciardi “New Jays” cap (in steel grey with a pointy bird…what was I thinking? The cap represents a new found optimism. Something to start a conversation with (“hey fella…new Jays cap! All the way this year right?”). Words that can be spoken freely, not hiding in shame afraid to mention how much of a fan you are.

You can sit in bars and display on your noggin a litany of possible conversations. Wear it golfing and see how many people talk you up. Heck wear it to the opera…there has to be a Jays fan in there who would rather talk shop with you! You stride with a smug face through the onlookers who are so dismayed you would wear such a thing. It IS your going to dinner cap (for now…).

SO I ask you, dear reader, what does your cap say about you? How do you tune it up for the coming season? Are you going retro or old school? Let me know how you feel the moment you place that new dome on yer head. Do you wear it straight like Ricky Romero or beat in more like Brett Lawrie? Let Uncle Jeff know in the comments below. I hope you had a swell Chanakwanzamas!