AA Has Re-claimed His Throne


Apr 28, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; Fans of the Toronto Blue Jays display a Canadian flag with a Blue Jays logo during their game against the Seattle Mariners at the Rogers Centre. The Blue Jays beat the Mariners 7-0. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE
Is it too early to look ahead? The pundits and professionals I have been reading all point to two things: Jeffrey Loria is a word I cannot say in this forum but let’s just say…very very bad man. Very bad. Public funding for his Disco Stadium and then this. If the Marlins weren’t dying at some point he sure killed then now. On our side, the Blue Jays and Alex Anthopoulos vaulted themselves into “significantly better than last season” territory. “Better on paper”…etc. etc. I am still going over the impact this has made…and it isn’t even December yet!

So we have the starters we


needed. We have a significant upgrade in speed and skill and intangibles at short. THE ultimate utility man with speed to burn. Sure it hurts to lose Hech and Nicolino and Marisnick. We had a vested interest in them. They were part of the family and those kids helped our organization become relevant again. They have done more for this franchise than they realize. On their backs we climbed the rankings and were lauded in many circles. For that, I thank them all for their dedication and hard work.

Well we are not fixed yet. There are some true question marks but we have enough ammo in our arsenal to trade some good major league talent (Adam Lind, J.P. Arencibia, Maicer Izturis, Lincoln to name a few) to fill our most glaring needs at second and left field. I don’t mind an Anthony Gose/Rajai Davis platoon situation or Izturis as the starter at second. What it does gives us are options. Say the White Sox are willing to part with Gordon Beckham? A good catcher to replace A.J. Pierzynski and a decent utility infielder (Izturis). Pick a team needing a catcher and/or a 1B DH type and you have a suitor.

For the other question about our new manager one with Spanish language skills would be a great fit, along with a good personal respective rapport with the team (Dave Martinez, Sandy Alomar Jr.). I would keep Luis Rivera up there and still consider Sal Fasano and Manny Acta. Out of that list I am sure the right man is ready. I just want them to use the talent as it is presented to them and not try to make the team fit to them. Maximum utilization of the talent is what makes a good manager into a great one (like Jim Leyland and Joe Maddon).

I am stoked about the rest of off-season. Heck, even all the hardware hasn’t been awarded yet and it’s a 5 Team Race for next year. If this doesn’t excite you then please…go follow the Leafs and let us revel in baseball glory for a while…oh right the Leafs are….ummm…nevermind…