Where oh Where is That GM of Ours?


Jul 13, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; Toronto Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos during batting practice before their game against the Cleveland Indians at the Rogers Centre. The Indians beat the Blue Jays 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIREHe almost seems like a shell of a man. A man forced to face some hard truths. A man who tried every trick in his book and came up snake eyes. Alex A. won the hearts of so many fans with his ant-Riccardi venom. The granddaddy of President’s, Mr. Beeston was there to sing the praises of our diminutive and savvy GM. Gusto behind his words. A man among men. Where did that man go?

I know AA is not the most forthcoming person. He has made that abundantly clear. Too bad because he is such an engaging personality. He seems like a smart fella with a good sense of humour. So where is this AA? The leader we so desperately seem to need? If all this bravado was for show…well we got our money’s worth. But I think there is so much more to AA. Deeply rooted to his throne chair (c’moooooon…you know you want one). Casting his eye over free agent specs and minor league numbers trying to cull the one plan needed into existence. Rubbing his hands gleefully thinking of all the rubes out there who bought into last year. It was all a set up for the Jays to rise from the ashes in 2013. It was all a set up to make the pinnacle seem even more glorious…right Cubs fans?

You see AA is the ultimate in showmanship. Don’t show them everything until it is time. The glorious rise of the Jays is at hand! It’s like a show being unveiled by the Drabinsky’s! Oh wait…bad example. I just hope people don’t start throwing themselves off of the new Shangri-la hotel roof because we gave up Aviles for Rogers. It is the opening act to the greatest sports duping this world has ever seen! Fans will be lined up down the street to see the unveiling of Greinke, Sanchez, Hamilton and Keppinger! Rejoice!

All those injuries? It’s all marketing really. AA has us all snookered. I fell for it, you fell for it…wait no we didn’t. The paying public is lashing out pretty harshly towards our sort of beloved GM. He is definitely getting a reprieve from last season and from all accounts realizes his strategy isn’t working as best we hoped. A math whiz like AA knows we need to figure out the x’s and y’s so we can have a solid formula from rookie ball to the big league team. It does take time. Those who pay close attention know realistically we have another year of growing pains to go. It IS possible to go all in for this year and risk a fall off in 2014. Can we as fans handle that?

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