Could This be the 2013 Opening Day Lineup?


June 28, 2012; Toronto, ON, CANADA; Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista (19) celebrates a three run home run against the Los Angeles Angels during the fifth inning with center fielder Colby Rasmus (right) at the Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Well I am definitely not a ballah…a crystal…ballah…*sigh*. I do have a decent team in mind for the upcoming season. Now granted things will most definitely change as the off-season roles on but until then this is a team I could see us fielding in 2013. Funny part is most of the parts are already here. My 2013 Opening Day line up…no drum roll but a sweet guitar riff would be nice…

C – Travis D’Arnaud: Once the knee heals it is time to see what this kid can do in the majors. My guess is the same as Arencibia but with a bit more average and some better defense. I like J.P. as a person but his credentials would best be suited in a trade for some pitching…any pitching.

1B – Edwin Encarnacion: Now that he doesn’t have to throw the ball anymore he seems like s decent defender at first and now carries the power numbers to justify the position. Adam Lind could be packaged with J.P. to get even better pitchers…ideally.

2B – Jeff Keppinger: Who? Wha? You crazy old man! Maybe, but steady defense and a decent .270 average sounds good to me. We have enough bop in this offence that we can afford to give up some at second. It is a pretty weak position all around baseball so take what you can get. 15+ homers and 170 strikeouts will not be missed.

3B – Brett Lawrie: Decent sort of rookie campaign. I see more of Lawrie 2011 than Lawrie 2012 going forward…though I can take back this pick if he makes any more daft baserunning mistakes.

SS – Adeiny Hechevarria: I keep reading how this kid is a utility infielder at best. Right. I dunno who thinks Jose Iglesias is the second coming of Tony Fernandez but I’ll take Hech and some pop. If we don’t shift Escobar to second he is bait…trade bait.

LF – Melky Cabrera: I know he tested for PED’s etc. He still can hit a ton and provide decent defense. We can sign him for a lower salary and less years while he proves himself again. This gives time to Anthony Gose to finish his seasoning at Buffalo. When he is ready Melky could look good to some on July 31.

CF – Colby Rasmus: He deserves one more chance. For a while there it looked like he was reaching his potential. He smoked the ball in the middle of the season. Then he just disappeared. Maybe that groin injury was worse than thought. Let’s see what some rest and an off-season can do.

RF – Jose Bautista: Do I really have to explain this?

SP – Brandon Morrow: If he does as well in spring as he did end of this year he has earned the right to wrestle the number one from Ricky Ro.

Not too bad if you ask me. We proved last year the offence was not the issue…let’s see how the pitching holds up.