What is Farrell Worth?


September 17, 2012; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz (11) reacts in the dugout against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIREWe all know that John Farrell is gone. Despite AA’s policy of no lateral movement to other organizations, the Red Sox sources and their media counterparts have left him with no recourse but to make a trade. Forget for now the ruinous nature of Red Sox reporters at this point. They truly are running with the “sources say” scenarios like it is the gospel of some religious cult. I could go on about how this isn’t reporting but that’s another story.

We are where we are. Where is that? An enviable position to allow us to possibly fleece the Red Sox of one sure fire major leaguer and perhaps a bona fide top 10 prospect from their system. But who would these players be? Let’s look at some potentials…

Clay Buchholz RHP: Last year I would have jumped through hoops to get this guy and potentially he could be a great addition to the Blue Jays rotation. He really would need to be on a comeback tip if we were to get him. A 4.56 ERA and almost a homer given up per game screams red flag to me. Add that to his lowest K/9 rate (6.13) of his career and I wonder if there is a major injury ready to happen.

Felix Doubront LHP: A plus arm who averaged a strikeout an inning in his rookie season. His ERA wasn’t amazing at 4.86 but his numbers are trending towards improvement when compared to Buchholz’s regression. If he can lower his walk rate and keep his WHIP around 1.20 we could see a nice power armed lefty to add to our rotation. It’s a matter of if you believe the hype or if he is going to be just another lefty who’s head is screwed on sideways.

Daniel Bard RHP: Bard had a very erratic year as the Sox tried to get him in the rotation. He was stellar out of the ‘pen in 2011 but man he sure didn’t take to starting very well (6.22 ERA 1.74 WHIP). It is possible he could be a starter but the numbers suggest a lights out 8th or 9th inning guy. He is young and controllable so if the Sox soured on him we should definitely aim for this kid.

Ivan De Jesus 2B: He isn’t an arm but he is a good looking talent at second base. Acquired in the deal with the Dodgers that sent away Adrian Gonzalez among others, he is known for a steady glove and a bat that…well…look at that defense! He put up solid averages in the minors and may be ready for a major league job. He could be a nice stop gap measure in case we don’t resign Kelly Johnson or acquire a second baseman through free agency. He would have to be a second piece of a deal along with an arm.

We get an arm and some depth and I say we win. What we need now is to find that person to replace Farrell. Someone with some piss and vinegar. Overt passion. I have a few ideas…for the next post.