Jays Journal Triple Poll: Trade Deadline and August Trades


It’s not easy to ignore the slide the Jays are currently experiencing, but for today, I really don’t feel like getting into it. So, I decided instead to ask all of you what your opinions are on a few applicable subjects. The first being the Jays activity around the trade deadline, the second being whether or not the Jays will conduct any trades in August, and the final one being who they may acquire in such a deal – if anyone at all.

Poll No.1 – Where do you stand on the Jays moves at the deadline?

Now that you’ve all had a chance to digest the trades a little bit, what are your thoughts on the acquisitions of Brad Lincoln and Steve Delabar in return for Travis Snider and Eric Thames?

Poll No.2 – Will the Jays make any trades in August?

It’s not easy making deals in August due to the waiver requirements, but the Jays did make such a move to acquire Kelly Johnson from the Diamondbacks. Will AA strike again and make a significant move? One point to note is that any player acquired cannot participate in the post-season. Since we no longer expect the Jays to have much of a chance to make it after the recent slide, it may make moves easier to complete.

Poll No.3 – If the Jays do make a deal in August, what will they acquire?

This is some major guess work, since Alex Anthopoulos has proven to be very secretive about his moves and mostly surprises us with his acquisitions. Therefore, I’ll concentrate on the position instead of a particular player.

If you do have any specific ideas as to whom the Jays may acquire during the remainder of the season, let us know in the comments!

– MG