Baseball America Special: They Just Love the Jays System!


I have been an avid Baseball America reader since the year 2000, and doing so has helped me win many fantasy baseball leagues. It also helps keep me informed as to who else is out there and how the Jays stack up in comparison to other MLB teams. In all of those years, I have never come close to reading so much positive news about the Toronto Blue Jays system. There are some really interesting articles recently posted on the BA site. Here’s a run down of mostly free articles you can peruse and a quick synopsis of what they’re about:

Top 10 Jays Pitching Prospects: Ask BA

Probably the best ranked list of Jays pitching prospects you’ll find out there, Jim Callis answers that very question, providing us a top 10 list and why. A very impressive Top 10 to say the least when Kevin Comer can only squeeze in at the end of it!

Bluefield Pitching: New Jays Dawn in Appy League

Nathan Rode gives us a rundown of the arms in Bluefield and is particularly positive about Roberto Osuna. I don’t blame him, as he seems ready to handle a level as high as HiA/AA at this point.

Bluefield Hitting: Bluefield Blue Jays Boast Talented Hitters, Too

After having Nathan run down the pitching, BA had Clint Longenecker run down the hitters. This article features Jacob Anderson and Dwight Smith Jr.

Midseason Prospects Report

You’ll need an account/membership for this one, but it has a ton of information for you to peruse if you do! The compliments in this area are particularly blush worthy.

International Spending: Blue Jays Exceed $2.9 million International Bonus Pool

Here, BA break down the fact that the Jays may very well be done spending when it comes to the international market as they are already 2.9% over the cap, costing them $56,250 in taxes, and can only go as high as 5% without having to pay a 75% tax and other restrictions included in this article. If you want to wrap your head around the new CBA rules for international signings, this is a good read.

Jays Transactions for 25 Jun -2 Jul

This includes their signing of the 35th rd pick in 2012, Devyn Rivera and Alan Farina returning to play in Dunedin while being reinstated after being removed from the 40-man roster.

Jays 2012 Draft Database

Almost as much information as we’ll provide you with about the 2012 Jays Draft Class. 😉

I hope you enjoy these reads today and keep tabs on what BA has to offer. As the Jays continue to prove they have one of the best scouting teams and prospects in MLB, it’s a very important place to visit often. We at JJ definitely do!

– MG