Back to the Future: Returning to the Jays Journal Fold and the Agenda


Hello everyone! Some of you may remember me (Mat Germain), while others may not, but it’s with a massive smile on my face that I happy to announce my return to Jays Journal as regular contributor and site Editor! No worries about Jared leaving the site, as he will remain on board as a Senior Staff Writer, and I certainly expect he’ll continue to put out the excellent material he has been producing on the site for a very long time. Time limits have simply made it impossible for him to carry on as Editor of the site, while my workload has simultaneously lessened to allow me to return to my former role. Kyle Matte was added after I left my initial stint with this site, and I know everyone has enjoyed his great insights, particularly on the minors side of things. He’ll continue to provide his stellar content.

I don’t intend to change much about the site, aside from the post tempo. Our staff will be pushing out a lot of material and we will get the Jays fan base riled up for what should be an amazing time as Jays fans for the remainder of 2012 and beyond. Some of my priorities as Editor will include finishing the Top-50 Jays Prospects for 2012, followed by digging as deep as possible into the minors with a look at some of the initial performances of the 2012 Draft Class and International Signings. Trade speculation and salary obligations will also be touched on regularly, and I may also be adding some pages to the site, with announcements to be made when they are ready.

Having said that, if you, the readers and heart and soul of this site, have any ideas or suggestions about the site and its content at all, feel free to email us with your suggestions. Realize that all of us writers on the site have a limited amount of time to dedicate to the site and that we do like to catch “the odd” game, so we can’t spend 12 hours a day researching and working for the site. However, I can tell you all without a doubt that our content will continue to be interesting, will continue to educate Jays fans on what the franchise has and is up to, and will continue to be both provocative and interesting to read on a daily basis.

Look for us to finish the year strong, to enjoy the chase for a playoff spot, and to cheer with all of you as the Jays continue to grow, get stronger, and work their way towards their next championship!


Mat Germain – Re-Newed Jays Journal Site Editor