2012 MLB Final Mock Draft Round-up


We’re just over one hour away from the start of the 2012 MLB Draft, which means that there has been an influx of final mock draft updates. Here’s a rundown of who Baseball America (Jim Callis), ESPN (Keith Law), Baseball Prospectus (Kevin Goldstein) and Seedlings to Stars (FanSided) think the Blue Jays are going to take with their two first round picks, with links to each article.

The text in quotes below the player name comes directly from the source article, and click on the player’s name (if applicable) to go to our extensive scouting report feature on them.

Baseball America:

No. 17: Lucas Giolito, RHP, Harvard-Westlake HS (California)

“After resisting the urge to simply guess and put Giolito somewhere in our first three projections, we’ll put him here. Toronto has five of the first 60 selections, so if the Giolito negotiations don’t work out, it can just collect the No. 18 pick in 2013 as compensation and still get plenty of talent this year. The Blue Jays’ financial muscle in this draft also could lead them to McCullers or Seager. They’re hot for high-ceiling athletes such as Mississippi high school outfielder D.J. Davis, who might not make it to their next choice at No. 22.”

No. 22: Joey Gallo, IF, Bishop Gorman HS (Nevada)

“Toronto has interest in Cecchini and Davis if available. If not, Gallo’s tantalizing power could play very nicely at Rogers Centre.”

In Keith Law’s chat today, he opined that Gallo should have enough contact ability to unleash his power:

Alex (Nevada):
Do you think Gallo can stick as a hitter or is he destined for the mound?

I think he’ll hit enough to get to the crazy power.


No. 17: Gavin Cecchini, SS, Barbe H.S. (Louisiana)

“I had them with Giolito last time and still think they’d take him. They’re also on Dahl and Stryker Trahan, and they would consider a college starter who fell, shifting to higher-upside prep kids with the next pick. They’re among the few teams still in on Smoral in the first round.”

No. 22: D.J. Davis, OF, Stone County H.S. (Mississippi)

“Everyone says the Blue Jays intend to continue to draft for upside wherever possible, figuring that average players won’t get it done in the AL East. I’ve heard that Brian Johnson has been discussed if they wanted one college guy in the bank before resuming their relentless quest for ceiling.”

Baseball Prospectus:

No. 17: Lance McClullers, RHP, Jesuit H.S. (Florida)

“Most believe that the Blue Jays will continue to be both creative and aggressive in the draft. Giolito makes sense here, but that might require some maneuvering that is difficult to figure out. McCullers has one of the best pure arms in the draft, and is not considered the easiest of signings.”

No. 22: Clint Coulter, C, Union HS (Washington)

“There are a number of dynamics in play with this pick. The second of Toronto’s two in this round, the Blue Jays could go with a conservative quick sign here both to save money, and because there is no compensation for not signing the player selected here. It won’t be a crazy reach, and Coulter is one of many players mentioned here as moving a few slots above where their talent might suggest.”

Seedlings to Stars:

No. 17: Lance McClullers, RHP, Jesuit H.S. (Florida)

“At least in this mock, the Blue Jays get their man. The Jays have always been a pure upside team, and from a pure upside standpoint it is hard to beat McCullers and his triple-digit fastball. If he is on the board at the 17th overall, pending some crazy circumstances, he will be the Jays’ pick.”

No. 22: Courtney Hawkins, OF, Carroll HS (Texas)

“After getting McCullers with their first pick the Blue Jays will look for upside again here. A player that sticks out is Carroll High School outfielder Courtney Hawkins. Hawkins needs a lot of work but has the ability to be a big-time home run hitters. He’s a project the Jays would love to take on.”

– JM