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Vernon Wells Comments on Jays Contractual Policy


CBS sure seems to love the Votto to Toronto story line. Unfortunately, their reporting is (at least) a year and a half early.

Yesterday, Danny Knobler took the narrative to ridiculous new heights by bringing in the opinion of Vernon Wells. I guess VW is an expert on the Jays contractual policies?

“I think there could be an exception to the rule,” Wells said Tuesday morning in the Angels clubhouse. “They have the resources to do what they want, but they’re very calculated.”(Excerpt from Knoblers’ post at CBSSports)

Wow, I’m so glad CBS has “insiders” to dig up this fascinating information.

This piece comes in the wake of fellow CBS insider Jon Heyman’s story about Votto’s “Fondness for both Reds [and] very long deals.” That was a shocking story really, because I was under the assumption that Votto hated the Reds (and would trash the team he is under contract with for two more seasons) and that the superstar would prefer short deals that limited his cash earning potential.

Heyman’s story started like this:

“If the Blue Jays stick to their five-year maximum policy for player contracts, they can forget luring Reds superstar Joey Votto back home to Toronto when he’s a free agent.”

The story goes onto quote Votto saying how much he likes the Reds, and why he feels it’s important for position players to seek long term contracts.

Funny how Heyman forgets to mention why a story about the Jays pursuing Votto makes any sense at the start of the 2012 season. That is of course because, as mentioned, Votto is under contract with the Reds until after the 2013 season. 324 games from now!

I know it’s spring training and story fodder is hard to come by, but come on guys, surely you can do better than this!

Oh and Vernon, why don’t you just focus on trying to hit a baseball? Maybe that’d help you raise your batting line above the .218/.242/.412 (.285 wOBA) you put up last season.


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