Blue Jays 1st in Grapefruit League (9-2)


Spring training records and stats mean absolutely nothing. Prospects and fringe guys get plenty of AB’s and IP’s, players work on pitches and mechanics. After all, nothing counts till April (and even then- there are some ST games in early April this year).

Nonetheless, I would like to acknowledge the awesomeness that has been on display for the last two weeks down in Florida.

Exhibit A: Brett Lawrie who has been exceptional in his 7 games (19 AB) played: .579/.600/.842/ 5 doubles.

x2 Hank Aaron award winner Jose Bautista has chipped in with 2 HR and a .400/.500/.933 line in 6 games (15 AB).

Adeiny Hechavarria has a 1.036 OPS through 17 AB’s.

Travis Snider has hit 3 jacks and OPS’d 1.143 in 23 AB’s in his bid for the LF job.

On the other side of the ball, Brett Cecil and Luis Perez have each pitched 6 scoreless innings. While Morrow and Romero have blanked opponents in 5 innings each.

The list of Jays who have been hot over the last 10 games goes on and on, but I’ll end it there. You can easily check out the stats here for pitchers, or here for hitters.

Personally, I’m really disappointed that there will only be two Jays spring training games broadcast on Sportsnet (March. 18th 1 p.m. and April 1st 1 p.m.). I was stuck watching a bunch of Orioles prospects last weekend…


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