Jays Jots: State of the Franchise, Jose Bautista, Jake Marisnick


Here are some Jays links this morning before we get to the good stuff later today — our thoughts on last night’s State of the Franchise after attending, and No. 40 on our top 50 prospects countdown.

Jays Consider Going (Real) Green | Sportsnet.ca
Sportsnet’s Mike Cormack sheds a bit more light on one of the topics discussed at last night’s State of the Franchise event, a grass field at Rogers Centre.

Some Jays season-ticket holders voice dismay at ‘state of the franchise’ function | National Post
John Lott of the National Post got quotes from a few season-ticket holders last night on various issues.

The State of the French Fries | Drunk Jays Fans
Over at DJF, Andrew Stoeten breaks down last night’s State of the Franchise event with his thoughts.

Jays 2012 SOTF Notes and Thoughts | Mop-Up Duty
Another take on last night’s State of the Franchise, this time from Matthias Koster over at Mop-Up Duty.

Franchise Stated: An Evening With John, Alex, Paul, and Albert | Bluebird Banter
Minor Leaguer over at Bluebird Banter gives a play-by-play summary of what was touched on last night’s State of the Franchise broadcast.

How Many Home Runs Will Jose Bautista Hit in 2012? | The Blue Jay Hunter
Ian over at the Blue Jay Hunter looks at how many homers Bautista will hit next year, and I have to agree that 41 seems like a good number.

1BJW 25-Man Roster Challenge | 1 Blue Jays Way
For the third year, 1BJW is hosting their 25-man roster challenge where — you guessed it — you pick the 25 names that you think will make up the Jays’ 25-man Opening Day roster.

Prospect Pulse: Jake Marisnick | Gray Matter
Kevin Gray of the New Hampshire Union Leader engages in a Q&A with top Jays outfield prospect Jake Marisnick.

Video: Bob Elliott’s Going to Cooperstown | NotGraphs
Navin Vaswani reveals not only that The Agenda’s Steve Paikin is a big baseball fan, but also his thoughts on the Toronto Sun’s Bob Elliott making it to the Hall of Fame.


Some BlueJays.com video highlights from last night’s event:


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