Poll results: David Ortiz, David Cooper, left-handed relief


Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals, 2011 World Series champions. One has to feel for the Rangers, though, as they not only lost in a Game 7 but came so close to winning it all multiple times in Game 6.

Not only was that Game 6 one of the best baseball games I have ever seen, but the series overall was one of the most exciting in recent memory and great for baseball.

That being said, over the last two weeks I included polls in a few articles, and though they are now closed, here’s a look at the interesting results.

David Ortiz (From the article, David Ortiz on the 2012 Blue Jays: A Realistic Option?)

While the final results indicate more people than not are in favor of bringing Big Papi north of the border, this was easily the closest poll we have ever ran on the site. The results were neck-and-neck up until a few days after the article was published, with only a mere two or three votes ever separating the choices at any given time.

Even though there was a recent report saying that the Jays “won’t rule out” pursuing Ortiz, it really only appears to make sense if the Red Sox don’t offer him arbitration. There’s a better chance of that happening than most people think, but ultimately time will tell, since giving up a first-round pick to sign Ortiz wouldn’t make the most sense.

David Cooper (From the article, What does the future hold for David Cooper?)

Given Cooper’s monster year in Triple-A this past season, not to mention the fact he gained valuable Major League experience, many people seem to be well aware that his trade value will be at it’s highest this offseason.

With Cooper’s decent showing upon being called up in September and Adam Lind’s obvious struggles, the Jays might not be against letting Cooper legitimately compete for a role on the big league roster in spring training; interestingly enough the option that garnered the second-highest amount of votes. I thought it was interesting that few people felt Cooper starts next season in Vegas, implying that the  thinking is he’ll either be traded over the offseason or potentially on the Jays roster after the spring.

Left-handed relievers (From the article, Left-handed relief trade options: The “unlikely to obtain” group)

While not as many people took part in this poll, I thought it was interesting that the most votes went to the Jays going out and acquiring one of the game’s best relievers in a trade, but that a fair amount of people were content with keeping Luis Perez as the Jays’ lone lefty in the 2012 bullpen.


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