Jays Journal Offseason Chat


With the Jays being linked to a lot of high profile players already this offseason and given the multitude of questions surrounding the club, we decided that it would be a good to host an offseason chat on Sunday, October 30 from 12-2 p.m. EST.

Who do you think the Jays should try to acquire this offseason, either via free agency or by trade? Which prospects do you think have the most trade value? Who’s going to be the Jays’ second baseman in 2012? Are the Jays going to upgrade at first base? The questions are endless.

Just click the “Chat” button in the heading bar to get started, and it’s smooth sailing after that. You can either sign in with Facebook, create a ChatRoll account, or just log in as a guest, so stop by and chat Blue Jays with us on October 30!


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