Jays Journal Update


It is with regret that I must inform Jays Journal readers that due to some changes in my schedule, a course which will take up most of my time, and my family who deserve the rest of my time, I will no longer be able to continue as the editor of Jays Journal. It’s not a decision that I have made lightly, and I certainly hope that I will get the opportunity to write about the Jays “full-time” again at some point in the future. Unfortunately, for now, my day job and priorities make that impossible.

I hope you have enjoyed my coverage of the team here and that you will continue to support Jays Journal writers as the Fansided team comes to a decision on what direction they’ll take from this point forward. I will hopefully be able to post occasional articles, but will be limited to that for at least 1 year.

The worst part of having to go through this is not only the fact that I truly enjoyed it, but also that it comes at a very exciting time for the Jays and their fans. I will enjoy reading what others write and will hopefully get to cheer them on with all of you next summer as they take a step forward towards a long series of playoff series.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my articles, and hopefully we’ve mutually enhanced our love and knowledge of the Jays.


Mat Germain