Blue Jays Season Review Part 1: Offensive Rankings


A well balanced approach kept the Blue Jays offense among the games elite  in 2011. Yes, I said elite- Just look at the numbers:

2011 Blue Jay Offensive Ranks:

Runs: 743 (6th in MLB)

wOBA: .319 (14th)

OBP: .317 (17th)

AVG: .249 (20th)

SLG: .413 (T-8th)

ISO: .164 (T-5th)

SB: 131 (8th)

HR: 186 (5th)

H: 1384 (18th)

The Jays offense really didn’t excel in any one category this season. A marked contrast from the 2010 squad which led the league in virtually every power stat while being inept in every other element. But the more balanced approach seems to have payed dividends. All that matters for an offense is scoring runs, and the 2011 Blue Jays scored a lot of runs.

While the power numbers took a big hit in 2011, the Jays made up a lot of runs with an improved OBP and a ton of stolen bases. While a continued emphasis on speed (and on effective high SB%) will be fun to watch in 2012, I would really like to see more walks next year. There is still a lot of room for improvement on the OBP front, and that is what continues to define the truly exceptional offenses in baseball. (Red Sox 1st in OBP, 1st in runs/ Yankees: 2nd in OBP, 2nd in runs)

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