Halfway Through: Jays Offensive Stats


Through the first half of the 2011 season, the Blue Jays offense has been very effective. The key to their success? Slugging. Picking up where they left off in the 2010 campaign, the Jays have continued to hit the ball a long way. This is exemplifies by their 100 home runs (3rd in MLB), .419 SLG% (5th), and 41.2 FB% (1st).

The major difference between the 10’ and 11’ seasons, has been greater balance. Last year, the Jays led the league in slugging at a .454 clip, but only had a .312 OBP. They were also far less effective in base stealing, finishing with just 58 (28th). The result has been more runs, as the Jays currently rank 7th in baseball, while they finished 9th last season.

Here are the Blue Jays offensive stats through 85 games:

Runs: 384 (7th)

wOBA: .324 (9th)

AVG: .253 (16th)

OBP: .318 (15th)

SLG: .419 (5th)

Hits: 741 (12th)

HR:  100 (3rd)

Stolen Bases: 70 (6th)

BB%: 8.3 (14th)

K%: 19.8 (10th)

ISO: 165 (5th)

BABIP: .282 (22nd)

wRC+: 104 (6th)

FB%: 41.1 (1st)

GB%: 42 (28th)

GB/FB: 1.02

HR/FB: 10.4 (7th)

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