Jays Jots: Mike McCoy, Chad Jenkins, Edwin Encarnacion, Carlos Villanueva


Even though the Jays only scored two runs, last night’s win over the Pirates was certainly a lot fun to watch. Thames’ first Major League home run went opposite field, Davis hit a pair of doubles, and Morrow had everything working in seven innings of one-run ball with 10 strikeouts, his most in a game since his first start of the year back on April 23.

In far more exciting news than Lyle Overbay’s recent comments to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (where the writer actually takes a shot at Rogers Centre attendance if you read the article) , Brett Cecil makes his return to the big league mound tonight looking to give the Jays the series win, and here’s to hoping he pitches like we all know he can.

Also, how amazing is Jose Molina? The guy is hitting .301/.381/.441 in 93 at-bats this season and not only did he pick-off Garrett Jones in a heads-up play last night, but look at how he blocked the plate when Bautista threw home in the fifth, forcing Neil Walker to completely change direction.

Moving on…to the links!

Jays’ Top 10 minor-league prospects | Toronto Sun
Bob Elliott chats with various scouts to provide some interesting quotes regarding some of the Jays’ top prospects. The most interesting quotes are the ones about Drabek, Hech, Sierra, and that Deck “is close to can’t miss”.

Frequent Flyer Mike McCoy Helping Blue Jays in 2011 | The Good Point
Eric Rosenhek spotlights Jays infielder Mike McCoy’s travels this season, with quotes from Russ Langer, Director of Broadcasting for the Las Vegas 51s. There’s an interview with newly-called up Eric Thames as well.

Interview: Chad Jenkins | 1 Blue Jays Way
1BJW has a nice interview with 2009 first-round pick Chad Jenkins, and they have interviews with Marcus Knecht, John Tolisano and more. Oh, they have a new(ish) mobile site, too!

Octavio Dotel Celebrates Edwin Encarnacion’s Home Run | The Blue Jay Hunter
Yet another solid piece from Ian over at Blue Jay Hunter, with a must see video. Check out his all-star voting campaign  Ballots for Bautista as well.

The Carlos Villanueva Recognition Coalition | Ghostrunner on First
Archi over at GROF has a nice breakdown of why you need to like Carlos Villanueva (if you don’t already).

An Ode to Brett Cecil’s Thighs | The Tao of Stieb
Initially I was going to link Tao’s post on Encarnacion since I’ve been a longtime supporter of EE, but with a post name like this one, you almost have to read it.

Hill’s future with Blue Jays in flux | cbcsports.ca
Kevin Glew mentions that Aaron Hill’s next 82 games are going to be the most important games of his life. Understandable, since they could very well be his last in a Jays uniform depending on what happens.

Refocused Davis expects production to soar | National Post
John Lott caught up with Rajai Davis, who revealed that his mind is at ease now and has the confidence again that was lost.

Finally, if you haven’t seen this already (or even if you have) have a listen to this gem courtesy of Ian over at The Blue Jay Hunter:


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