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There are some new areas of Jays Journal’s site that you may not have discovered yet. Some of these may interest you more than others, or not at all, but I thought I’d point them out to you so that you could make the best use of the site’s resources. Here they are:

2011 Draft Info

It’s extremely hard to find any and all pertinent information on draft picks, as some – if not most – are generally unknown to most and haven’t yet been noticed enough to have much written about them. Well, fear not, because JJ will take care of all of the information gathering for you, and will post their findings in the 2011 Draft Info page. That will only happen once the player signs, but the page itself will also provide you with all of the picks, what round they were chosen in (overall as well), what school they came from (if any), and their signing bonus as well (if known, simply “Signed” if not). The player’s name and “Signed” or his bonus will be bold and in blue if the player has been signed, providing you with quick glance access to any changes as they occur.

It will be a great all in one place source of information that will be available to Jays fans all year round, so make sure you spread the news. It’s great for Jays fans in particular, but also for Fantasy Baseball purposes.

Jays Store

We also have a new Link that allows Jays fans direct access to’s webpage, a place where you can hunt for any and all Jays gear.

Top 50 Jays Prospects, JJ Edition (pre-2011)

Our top 50 list does what we also expect to accomplish with the draft pages, it provides you with everything you need to know about a Jays prospect in one place. You won’t find a better source of Jays prospect information anywhere else on the web!

There will be a new page added mid-season with an updated Top 50 rankings, updated information on each prospect, and added features for those who are new on the list.

International Signings

We are attempting to gather as much information as possible about any past signings, but it’s not an easy task considering the fact that even Baseball America didn’t track many of these for a long period of time. However, any and all Jays signings that we can find information on will be included on this page. With the July 2nd signings just around the corner, you’ll definitely want to take a peak at this page periodically over the next month or so.

Potential Jays Trade Targets

If you want entirely speculative posts about some possible Jays trade targets, this is a page for you. If you don’t like that kind of speculation, then avoid it at all costs! Within these posts, I try to make a case for what trade targets could make sense for the Jays. While I do try to make good arguments, in no way do these indicate that I expect them to happen. It’s just a fun way to look at what the Jays may be looking for or how they could potentially get better.

Jays Schedule

Want to buy tickets, know the scores of each game, or when the Jays are going up against a certain opponent next? JJ is the place for you, as we have all of that information in the Schedule link.

Prospect Interviews

Although we only have 2 interviews in there at this time, Noah Syndergaard and Dickie Thon, we do expect to add many more over the next few months, so be sure to check in to the prospect interviews page.

Jays Transactions

We have combined a chronological list of Jays transactions and our posts related to them together on this page. While it’s fun to look at them when the transaction happens, it’s even more interesting to look at how the results may be different – or exactly the same – as what was thought of at the time of the transaction. We won’t look at every single minor transaction, but do try to post about most.

Top 10 Jays Prospects by Affiliation

This page has yet to be completed. We are awaiting the assignment of players before compiling these rankings, which will be posted one affiliate at a time. This should provide Jays fans with a very clear view of who’s where and what the “minors depth chart” looks like overall. That should allow us to see where weaknesses and holes may exist, although Alex Anthopoulos is doing his very best to plug every single one!

Aside from those listed above, we also have older draft information pages (to 2008 for now, which we will expand very soon), Scouting info, Affiliate information (rosters), Salaries info (to 2016) which we update often, and Jays Information Links.

If you think of anything you’d like JJ to add to its repertoire, please let us know! We’re always open to suggestions and are trying to meet all of your expectations as much as we can while holding full-time jobs!

– MG

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