Jays Journal Draft Event Reminder, and the JJ Top 20 Prediction


As we approach the draft, I wanted to remind everyone that I’ll be hosting a draft event for those that want to join and chat about how the draft develops. If we don’t have enough people or traffic to make it interesting, I’m sure we’ll be able to hop onto someone else’s draft blog event and make it worthwhile. I just considered that it would be that much better to have a “Jays fans perspective” on things.

Speaking of the draft, there are some new pieces of information that have come out and spoiled some of the fun by letting us know exactly who a couple of teams were going to take. Here they are:

  • 1 – The Pirates are apparently set and are taking Gerrit Cole with the 1st pick overall. He’ll join Jameson Taillon and Steston Allie within the Pirates system to give them a formidable trio of pitching prospects to count on within the next 2 years. Needless to say, these are not going to be your daddy’s Pirates any longer!
  • 2 – The Houston Astros are apparently set to take LHP Chris Reed with the 11th overall pick. This news is based on the fact that they’re trying to come to a contract agreement pre-draft. Well I said pardon? He wasn’t on anybody’s top 50 list, so it comes as a bit of a surprise. What it also means for the Jays – if true – is that everyone they had ranked shifts one slot closer to them, presuming Reed wasn’t in their top 21. The White Sox, meanwhile, won’t be happy to hear the news as they were apparently looking at Reed with a Sandwich pick.
  • 3 – The Cleveland Indians may not let Sonny Gray get by them. This news is less concrete than the Pirates or Astros news, but there’s no doubt that Gray will be a top 12 pick anyhow, so I’ll hand it to them in my list below.

With those tid-bits in mind, and about 1000 reports from various outlets telling us who will take who when, or trying to anyhow, I thought I’d give the Top 20 a shot just to see how I make out when the day is over.

1 – Gerrit Cole – Pirates

  • Apparently this pick is set. Can always change, but there it is.

2 – Anthony Rendon – Mariners

  • Could be Hultzen, but Rendon would look great in a lineup that has Ackley and Smoak in it long-term.

3 – Danny Hultzen – Diamondbacks

  • They need an ace, and Hultzen is the best on the board!

4 – Dylan Bundy – Orioles

  • Could easily wind up being better than both Cole and Hultzen. What a class!

5 – Jed Bradley – Royals

  • Considered Starling here, but I do think they’ll keep with pitching.

6 – Sonny Gray – Nationals

  • This was the toughest to come up with, but I can’t see them passing on Gray if he’s available here. He’d look great alongside Strasburg, Zimmermann and company.

7 – Francisco Lindor – Diamondbacks

  • They’re having private sessions with him for good reason.

8 – Archie Bradley – Indians

  • They have apparently been hot on his trail for a long time.

9 – Mikie Mahtook – Cubs

  • Always seem to take an odd pick. I went with Mahtook even though it’s early. Signing should be easy, and they definitely need toolsy players in their system.

10 – Bubba Starling – Padres

  • They’ve been more aggressive on the International market of late, and I do think the new regime will want to make its mark. A hard sign to be sure, but a great investment.

11 – Chris Reed – Astros

  • Apparently close to set.

12 – Taylor Guerrieri – Brewers

  • Just about everyone agrees that the Brewers will nab Taylor here. He makes a ton of sense.

13 – Trevor Bauer – Mets

  • Pitching, pitching, pitching. The Mets are starving for it!

14 – Matt Barnes – Marlins

  • I just can’t see him sliding any further…

15 – Alex Meyer – Brewers

  • Still with the pitching, Meyer makes sense for the Crew.

16 – Jose Fernandez – Dodgers

  • A relatively easy sign who could move quickly despite being so young.

17 – Javier Baez – Angels

  • Not afraid of a little personality, the Angels could take Baez here.

18 – Cory Spangenberg – Athletics

  • The Athletics have a shot at one of the best bats in the draft here.

19 – Matthew Purke – Red Sox

  • They definitely need to come up with the “next in line” guys. Purke carries health risk, but if they feel he’s good to go, they’ll jump on him here.

20 – Taylor Jungmann – Rockies

  • Although most have the Rox taking a bat here, I think they’ll jump on an arm.

That list would lead us to the 1st Jays pick, 21st overall. There is 100% certainty that I’ll be wrong on most counts, but there’s my list!

– MG

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