Out of the Top 50 Jays Prospects (for now): Adaric Kelly and Brandon Mims


There are prospects in the Jays system that deserve coverage  even though they didn’t make our top 50 list pre-2011. Most of these players are players that we foresee as possibly making the top 50 list in either mid-2011 or 2012. We begin the 25 extra prospect profiles with the following 2 players, who could have surprising minor league careers and are 2 of my favorite Jays 2010 picks in the middle-to-lower portion of the draft to become MLB players…

Out of the Top 50 Jays Prospects: Adaric Kelly

Short-Stop and Right-Handed Pitcher / 18 years old / 5’11” 180 lbs

Born:  December 1st 1992 in St-Nicholas Aruba

Bats:  Right   Throws:  Right

High School Team:  Trinity Christian Academy, Lake Worth Florida

College:  NA

Drafted:  by the Jays in the 28th rd of the 2010 draft, 846th overall

Signed:  for $250,000, his adviser was Francis Marquez

Quick Facts:

  • Adaric received the second highest signing bonus in the 28th rd, behind only OF Brian Pointer of the Phillies who got $350,000. (from those bonuses made public, that is)
  • Won the All-Area (3A-2A-1A) player of the year award in 2010.
  • Graduated HS with a 3.4 GPA.
  • Had a commitment to Bethune-Cookman before signing with the Jays.
  • Threw a complete game shutout to lead his team to the class 1A State Championships, allowing 6 hits and striking out 6 in the process. This after getting them into the tournament with a similar performance (6 Ks in a yet another complete game).
  • Interestingly, Adaric served as his HS team’s closer as a Junior (2009) before becoming their ace in 2010.

Jersey:  NA

High School Stats:

  • As a hitter: .516 average, 25 runs, 5 doubles, 3 triples, 5 HRs, 33 RBI
  • As a pitcher: 6-1, 2.00 ERA

Everything you need to know about Adaric Kelly’s character, value to his team, and ability to come through when the pressure is greatest is contained within the following quote:

"“He overcame a sprained ankle to pitch complete-game victories in the regional finals and the Class 1A state semifinals and was selected his team’s MVP after leading it to a 23-4 record.”"

That’s pretty impressive on its own. Then we can add this gem of a quote from Adaric himself, who was asked whether he’d rather pitch or become a position player only and stated the following:

"“I really don’t care, as long as I’m playing baseball.”"

His response is not cocky, brash, or egocentric, and that’s refreshing when it comes from a HS player who has had a lot of success at such a young age and just signed for a quarter million dollars. However, the fact that he has the ability to do either, pitch or play the field, must have played a big role in the Jays giving that much cash to such a late round pick.

It’s possible that the Jays decide to have him try to develop himself as a short-stop or second baseman, but chances are that they will attempt to see what they can get out of his arm first and foremost. Although Kelly isn’t the prototypical starter in terms of build, he’s still young enough to add an inch or so to his height, which would make him pretty close to Kyle Drabek‘s height. Therefore, to those who doubt that he can remain a starter, I ask….why? In my mind, he has a great chance to develop his pitches as a professional from a young age, so anything is possible for Kelly at this point.

Still, with his demeanor on the mound and his poise, there’s good reason to ponder as to whether or not he will one day make his way to the pen and become a solid back of the pen arm. I couldn’t get much information about his stuff, so I will attempt to add to this profile when more becomes available. However, judging from his playoff performances, both complete games, I don’t see why they wouldn’t at least attempt to develop him as a pitcher. Doing so would allow him to develop his secondary stuff, which would help his stuff play up if he does shift to the pen at some point in the future.

Kelly is obviously an elite player and pitcher for his level, so the Jays have a very talented player on their hands. The Jays obviously feel this way as well, as they gave Kelly as much money as they gave Marcus Knecht, a player they drafted in as a compensation pick between the 3rd and 4th rounds, and more money than they gave Sean Nolin (6th rd), Brandon Mims (9th rd), Shane Opitz (11th rd), and Dayton Marze (14th rd), just to name a few. It’s just part of the evidence that the Jays must feel very highly about Kelly’s abilities.

On being drafted by the Jays, Adaric Kelly had this to say:

"“I’m excited, very excited, I think I’m mentally ready for it. I made the right decision. They wanted me to come play for them, I was still thinking about college, but they wanted me to become a part of their system.”"

Yes they do. Now it’s just a matter of seeing whether or not the Jays keep Kelly on the mound, make him an infielder, and to see where he’ll begin his career as a professional ball player. I, for one, can’t wait to see how he performs in 2011!

Expected 2011 Team:  GCL Blue Jays or Bluefield Blue Jays

Top 50 Range if he makes the list in 2012: #30-50

Chances of making it into the Top 50 in 2012: 85%

Out of the Top 50 Jays Prospects: Brandon R. Mims

Second Base or Short-Stop / 18 years old / 6’0″ 170 lbs

Born: June 18th in Carrollton Texas

Bats: Switch-Hitter   Throws: Right

High School Team: Newman Smith HS, Texas

College: NA

Drafted: by the Jays in the 9th rd of the 2010 draft, 276th overall

Signed: for $230,000

Quick Facts:

  • From what information we have on the draft bonuses from 2010, Mims got the 4th highest bonusin the 9th rd. Only the Yankees, Orioles, and Rays spent more (notice a trend here…?). The Red Sox, meanwhile, couldn’t come to termswith their 9th rd pick, Tyler Barnette.
  • Mims wore #2 while in HS.
  • You can find the list of other Newman Smith HS players taken in the draft here. None have made it to the majors, so Mims would be the first to do so.
  • You can catch pictures of his rubber arm action on MaxPreps at this link.
  • You can catch the scouting video from MLB.com’s 2010 draft videos here.

Jersey: #61 for the GCL Blue Jays 


  • Only got 2 ABs in 2010 in the GCL and managed 1 hit and 1 SO.

The Jays selected a ton of picks aimed at solidifying the middle of the diamond in 2010, many of which are talented middle infielders such as Dickie Joe Thon, Kellen Sweeney, and Shane Opitz. However, the Jays didn’t rely on adding only top-rated talent during the draft as they also added guys later on in the draft that could become important backup plans and could surprise many as they develop through the minor league system. In doing so, they added many high school players who are very raw but can exceed their pre-draft ceilings because they are just that, very raw.

Brandon Mims fits into those plans perfectly. Mims has been said to have a “solid glove”, although some call it above-average and is combined with great hands and range. His bat is expected to generate a consistent hitting ability, but not much in the way of power.

From the video linked above, you can see his unorthodox stance where it seems like Mims comes close to hitting both of his knees together as he completes his swinging motion, while his feet are still beyond shoulder width apart. His bat doesn’t project to have much power to it, however, I would also point out that many small statured middle infielders are said to “lack power” only to surprise later on in their careers with a decent amount, so I’ll hold off judgement on his power until Mims makes it to the middle levels of the minors.

His bat speed is fast, and he makes consistent contact from both sides of the plate. He has also grown to reach 6’0″ and could should add some strength to his frame as well, so it is possible that he exceeds expectations in terms of power. What I know, however, is that he is a switch-hitter that is said to have enough arm to play anywhere in the infield. That, coupled with a strong glove and above-average speed spells the perfect utility player.

If he can hit with enough average, get on base consistently, use his speed appropriately and learn to play small ball very well, Mims could definitely make a good climb through the system and wind up on the bench sometime between 2013 and 2015. At best, if he reaches his full potential, Mims projects to become an catalyst at the top of the lineup who can use his switch-hitting and good hand-eye coordination to get on base and create offensive opportunities.

Expected 2011 Team:  GCL Blue Jays or Bluefield Blue Jays

Top 50 Range if he makes the list in 2012: #37-50

Chances of making it into the Top 50 in 2012: 80%

– MG

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