Jays Tweets: JP Arencibia, Brett Cecil, Ricky Romero and others


I thought it would be interesting to follow some of the Jays player Tweets. I’m not saying this is going to be a Tweet by Tweet recap from each player on the roster, but we’ll try to pull out the more interesting ones in order to allow fans to get to know the players much better over time. Hopefully you’ll enjoy going through these as some have interesting facts about each player’s personality.

Here’s a recent roundup:

  • JP Arencibia (@jparencibia9) provides us with the fun fact fo the night….stating that he and Brett Cecil (@CEC0208) “sit at our lockers before games and watch hockey fights…”. That’s sweet music to most Canadian Jays fans. Unfortunately, JP also mentions in a previous tweet that he “cant skate, so if I played id go out w/o a stick hold on to the wall n hope a guy skates close enough so i can grab him to fight”. Welcome to Canada JP, you are officially a citizen!!! In baseball related news, JP also mentions that he’s “going to swing a little today….See if I remember how its done…Ill just try to not miss the ball on the tee.” Great stuff.
  • Brett Cecil (@CEC0208)lets us know a little about his purchasing habits by stating “I buy myself way to much stuff during the year to want anything lol…but I could use a new gun or 4 Wheeler for hunting”. So, we can place Brett in the hunting category. If it’s hunting you like Brett, you came to the right place in Canada. He also tweets a couple of times about cleaning and doing the laundry, or playing xbox, so you know he’s anxious to get spring training started!!
  • Vernon Wells (@VernonWells10) mentions this about the Cliff Lee deal: “Looks like the NL East will get a small taste of what life is like the AL East. Huge move for Philly!!!” I couldn’t agree with you more VW. Notice how he said “small taste” though. That’s a great point, because no matter how you cut it, the AL East still remains the toughest division by a long shot.
  • Jesse Litsch (@JesseLitsch) mentions an outing to eat at Subway post workout, saying that he’s going to have a “6 inch sweet onion chicken sandwich” and adds in a follow up tweet “six inch is filling enough for me gotta cut some pounds there are to many haters out there”. Well, if that’s not a focused individual I don’t know what is. He’s obviously taking some people’s opinions of his weight seriously and is hitting the gym hard this off season. He has spent some time in Canada this off season as well, catching a Raptors game and also “had to go and get my 1st real winter jacket canada goose its unreal how warm it is”. Welcome to Canadian winter Jesse!
  • Travis Snider (@Lunchboxhero45) offers up his music tastes by stating: “I appreciate all music. Other than country. just not my cup of tea. To each there own though.” He adds that his favorite baseball movie is “Probably Sandlot. Bull Durham in a close second”. On a charitable note, Travis states the following: “$1,750 Raised for Christmas gifts for special needs Foster Kids of Snohomish County. Thanks to all those who supported and made it possible!” It’s always great to hear about players and their community involvement. That Travis is focused on such events at such a young age speaks volumes of his character.
  • Ricky Romero (@RickyRo24) actually quotes John Wooden: “Success is never final; failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.” Great quote. He also adds that the players “Try and do our best and communicate with fans but our lives are busy but we our best”. True enough, nobody can create time – so far as I know. In baseball related tweets, Ricky stated 1 day ago “First day of shuttle runs… Man them 300 yard shuttles ain’t it!!! Good workout though.” Interestingly, he sent the last one to Matt Hobgood (@matt_hobgood48) who is a highly touted Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect. They’re obviously good friends!

That’s it for the first installment of Jays Tweets. Hopefully you learned something about a player you cheer for and will follow the players if you are a Twitter enthusiast. If not, we’ll continue to post these updates on occasion because we believe it’s one of the best ways on getting to know the Jays players.

– MG

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