Jays Minors Transaction: Sign RP Winston Abreu


This transaction took place a little while ago, but I wanted to read up on 6’2″ 155 lbs RHP Winston Abreu before posting anything. The Jays signed the Dominican Republic native on the 29th of November after spending time with numerous organizations over 17 year period. His stops include the Braves who signed him in 1993 as an amateur FA, Padres, Cubs, Royals, Yankees, Dodgers, Diamondbacks, Orioles, Nationals, Rays, Indians, and finally the Rays again. To say that he’s “well-traveled” would be a serious understatement.

However, of all those teams, only the Orioles (8 innings, at age 29), Nationals (30 innings, at age 30), Rays (3.2 innings, at age 32), and Indians (2.1 innings at age 32) gave him any time in the majors. Therefore, it’s not surprising that his MLB stats should be taken with a grain of salt, as he never really has gotten a real shot in the majors.

Abreu’s stats over 44.1 IP: 7.31 ERA, 57 hits allowed, 19 walks, 38 SO, and a 1.714 Whip

What I’d like to focus on, however, are his AAA stats, which are pretty impressive.

AAA Stats over 7 seasons: 3.36 ERA, 353 IP, 254 HA, 152 BB, 462 SO, and a 1.148 Whip

In 2010, his AAA stats were: 23 saves over 55.1 IP, 35 HA, 21 BB, 82 SO, and a 1.012 Whip

Here’s a great article about Winston courtesy of Tom Priddy from GoUpstate.com. The work ethic is definitely there, so maybe the Jays can fine tune some things and get him MLB bound.

R.J.Anderson of Fangraphs also wrote a more recent article this January on Winston and his shot at the majors.

I would love to see what Winston Abreu could do if he got a valid shot in the majors. I’m not really sure why he hasn’t yet, as almost half the teams in all of MLB have had him at some point. However, I’m not so sure I want the Jays to be the first team to do so if it costs them a number of games. Still, you have to like the thought that such an experienced pitcher will be available should the Jays need him to come up for some time. Depth is never a bad thing when it comes to pitching, and even at 33 with little MLB time, Winston can become an important piece of the Jays equation at some point in 2011.

This isn’t a real impact move, obviously, but it does show that the Jays are looking into every avenue available to add depth to the roster this off season. The Jays just added a player who is mature and has 64 minor league saves to his credit. Hopefully, if he does take the mound for the Jays, he will be ready to perform and prove once and for all that he belongs in The Show. What a story it would be if he came up and performed well.

Chances are that Winston will begin the year in AAA Las Vegas and compete for the closing job.

– MG

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