Preview of the Top 50 Jays Prospects Countdown


Jared and I are currently in “negotiations” about the Top 50 Jays Prospects and are making arguments for and against each position. Once we’ve hammered out the rankings, each of us will be making the case to JJ readers as we count down from 50 to the top spot throughout this off season. As a result, we are erasing the last known rankings – last updated in the fall – and are starting with a clean slate. The 2010 draft included so many new interesting players to assess that our rankings will take some time to go through, but we’ll try to include as much information as we can gather about each and every pick made.

The players will be posted in tandem, 2 at a time, allowing for a thorough but not too long post to be made about each player. We hope that going through the process in this manner will allow for an increased knowledge of the Jays Prospects overall and that it’ll build some excitement for the future hopes of the Jays organization as a whole.

Although most already know who may or may not be in the top 10-20 rankings, the positions may surprise you and the 20-50 positions allow for a ton of interesting discussions about the depth the organization has overall and probably includes more players that Jays fans have not heard of but should know about. There are always a few unknown gems in the system that can make an impact and jump into the hearts of Jays fans, as Henderson Alvarez, Carlos Perez, and Joel Carreno have done most recently, just to name a few.

Caveat: We will attempt to respond to any deals made by Alex Anthopolous which includes prospects with a revised ranking, but it won’t be an automatic update and we may have to go back to revise the overall rank once the Top 50 have been posted. If this occurs, we will post a “Filler” version at the end to include who was added to the back of the 50 in order to fill what will most likely be a drainage of some of the prospects to land a big piece.

– MG

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