Jays Journal – A Busy Return


It’s nice to be back, writing about what I love to write the most – the Jays and Baseball in general. I’ve been away for a while, due to unforeseen work issues, and am glad to be able to return in full force during one of the best times of the year – the playoffs and the World Series soon to begin. The Bad – the Jays are not taking part. The Good – the Yankees may not making there either. That warms the cockles of my heart.

As I return to the helm of Jays Journal, I’d like to first thank all of those who will return to reading it and to apologize for the long pause. I hope you’ll be able to rejoin us often here and to enjoy the growth and progress the Jays make together. With Alex Anthoplous at the helm, all hands are on deck and the search for a manager may be finally coming to an end.

Oh…did I say we?

Yes, I did. In order to ensure that such pauses never take place again, I’ve decided to add one or two writers to the staff. John Parent, the MLB Director for Fansided, forwarded the applications he received to me and I was lucky enough to find a gem in Jared Macdonald.

Jared will be getting his bearings over a short period of time and will work with me to bring some high quality content to you. I am positive that he will be a great addition to the content here at Jays Journal and look forward to his first post!

Welcome aboard Jared!

I will have a review of the new Jays manager up soon, as it is rumored that the Boston Red Sox pitching coach –  John Farrell – will get the job for the Jays (unconfirmed), and will get a handle on what it means for our beloved pitching coach to have a pitching coach taking over from Cito Gaston. Hopefully it only enhances Bruce Walton’s voice and influence, as he has done a wonderful job bringing our young and inexperienced staff along.

Other upcoming posts:

  • Top 10 prospects at each level of the minors for the Jays;
  • Review of BA’s top prospects by league – emphasizing which Jays were included and omitted;
  • Free Agency and the Jays Budget; and
  • Jose Bautista’s Contract Issues – is there anything more pressing this off season, and where will he play in 2011?

Once again, I’m extatic to be back and I hope you all enjoy our content!