Mills Continues Jays Dominance Over O’s


You have no choice but to be overly cautious in presenting last night’s outing as evidence that Brad Mills is ready to be a starter in MLB. The reason is simple: the Jays were playing the Orioles, who have clearly given up any fight they might have had in them this season and who the Jays have now beat 12 times this season. Still, I thought Brad did extremely well, looked poised and determined to get his first win in The Show. Any time you only allow 2 hits over 7 innings against major league hitters, you know your stuff is going right and such was the case for Brad last night. The fact that he only needed 92 pitches to finish 7 innings also speaks to the degree of effectiveness he had.

Most agree that Brad will be sent down to make room for Travis Snider on the roster tomorrow. However, he has become a blip on the radar of trade ammunition for Alex to use should another squad be looking for pitching depth in a trade. Add the fact that Lyle Overbay has gotten hot lately and hit his 12th HR of the year in the game, and AA’s job just seems to be getting better and better.

As much as I’d like to believe Brad could be effective against other AL East teams or competitive AL teams, I just don’t think the results would be the same. So, perhaps his trade value is best now that he’s shown dominance in that one start. We’ll see if he gets moved – I wouldn’t be surprised if he was included in a bigger trade.