What Jays Blogs Think of the Escobar-Gonzalez Deal


Here’s a summary of what others are saying about the biggest impact deal the Jays have made since trading Scott Rolen to the Reds:

  • The Blue Jay Hunter finds it to be a “phenomonal” move and adds that fans seem angriest about losing Tim Collins, not Alex Gonzalez;
  • Drunk Jays Fans spent more time quoting and defending Keith Law than evaluating the trade, so I take that as a no comment. Way too much “KLaw” love there….let’s tone it down some guys. I always enjoy your stuff, but this is getting gross. If he needs to protect himself, I’m sure he’ll pop up and say boo. As for his opinion, it is biased as usual against the Jays – sorry, but it’s as close to being a fact as you can get. He’s more critical of the Jays than any other club, in my humble opinion of course. If he had used the “since I was there” line 1 more time, he would have sounded like a “disgruntled ex-employee” who had dreams of being a future GM but ended up elsewhere…..hmmm….;
  • Tom Dakers of Bluebird Banter provides a poll that shows (as I write this) that 52% of Jays fans agree that they won the deal overall while another 20% say both won. A total support of the deal of 72% is pretty nice overall. This article also provides quotes of support for the Jays end of the deal from Baseball Prospectus
  • MLBastien provides “Tweaction” of the deal;
  • Finally, and best of all, the guys at 1Blue Jays Way provide us with a very thorough and entertaining take on the deal and support my view that it’s no even a close call – the Jays “fleeced them” as they say.

Overall, I have to say that if it wasn’t for Bobby Cox and Chipper Jones retiring after this year, this deal would never have happened. Yunel’s upside outweighs Alex’s “big half” by a ton. Having said that, the Braves may indeed get better with Alex onboard, I’m not putting Alex down. He’ll most likely do well for them this year. But, next year he may be back to his 10-15 HRs and low .200 average, meaning that the Braves will have to replace Jones, Cox AND production from the SS position.