Santiago Nessy Debuts for DSL Jays


Some of us wondered where Santiago Nessy, the big Venezuelan Jays catcher, was going to begin his minors career for the Jays. But with Carlos Perez manning the position in the GCL there was little doubt to me that the Jays would either move him to 1B or have him start in the DSL. He has played 3 games so far, getting 9 ABs and pulling off 2 hits (1 double) and a walk . He has struck out 6 times already, showing his immaturity at the plate and probable eagerness to prove himself after signing a big 6 figure contract with the Jays. He is touted by scouts as having a ton of power potential, although none seem able to agree about whether he’ll remain behind the plate. One thing is certain, at 17 years old he is still very far away from making an impact with any MLB club, and with what’s ahead of him in the Jays system he’ll get plenty of time to develop. Still, he’s an interesting prospect to keep an eye on if you look at DSL Jays box scores.