Poll Results for Lyle Overbay Trade Return(s)


As can be seen on the site, here are the results of the poll entitled: What is the return you envision the Jays getting if a Lyle Overbay transaction is conducted in 2010?

  1. A middle level prospect – Jays cover some salary (38%, 14 Votes)
  2. A low level prospect – Jays cover all salary except 1 million (30%, 11 Votes)
  3. Nothing – a simple and clean release (27%, 10 Votes)
  4. An active MLB player (pitcher or bench) (5%, 2 Votes)

Analysis by answer number:

1. I have to admit that it’s a little surprising and telling that most Jays fans still believe that Lyle Overbay will net the Jays a decent return after the way he began the season. By no means is this a knock on the big L, I just thought that more fans would be ready to pile onto him about his lack of power ect… But, as the team has done, most fans have stuck with Lyle and believe Alex Anthopolous will be able to get the Jays a decent return. Make no mistake about it, to get a middle level prospect for a 1B that is slumping, older than most, and costs $7 million in a season where he’ll be a Free Agent afterwards is no easy feat. If Alex pulls that one off and unloads all of the salary left to pay, he’ll reach a new level amongst GMs in MLB.

2. I think this scenario is more likely. The Jays can’t sit around forever and try to get a deal done, there’s a real time limit due to Brett Wallace sitting in AAA and Lyle’s expiring contract. The Jays have already paid close to a third of Lyle’s 2010 salary, so saving 1 million of the remainder is still money in the piggy bank. Adding 1 low level prospect, or two, is about as close as I believe they’ll get. No worries though, with Alex’s new scouting staff the Jays will be sure to pull a rabbit out of the hat and get a return that surprises everyone in the end. This would have been my pick.

3. I added the “Nothing” answer because it does seem plausible that the Jays will attempt another Alex Rios scenario. Trying to demote Lyle and passing hm through waivers as a result could free the Jays from financial obligations and could allow them to spend more on key areas in the off season. However, Jays players who stuck by Lyle Overbay may feel like he is being slighted, bringing some anxiety to the clubhouse about how Jays players are being treated – especially the veterans. It’s possible, but this options seems unlikely due to the lack of actual return.

4. I added this option in mostly because I thought Lyle could be packaged or involved in a 3 team deal. The Jays really need to upgrade at 3B, so a trade involving some pitching and Lyle for a 3B seems like a possibility. Still, I think it would be hard to get the right fit for a 1 for 1 trade because most teams wouldn’t give up very much for Lyle, and the Jays have no glaring need that he would be enough to get the Jays as a return on his own. So, I thought this option was less likely.

The next Poll question is going up now as follows:

Who is your favorite 3B target for the Jays should they trade for one?