Jays Lose Tough One to Buchholz and Sox


I’m not sure why it feels worse to lose a tight well-pitched game like last night’s than it was losing a hitting medley like we saw Monday, but that’s exactly the case. It’s probably because Shaun Marcum deserved the win and Dana Eveland (Monday’s pitcher) didn’t. Shaun threw yet another gem, lasting 7 innings once again, and got no offensive help other than 1 run driven in by Vernon Wells with 2 outs in the very first inning. Both teams managed 7 hits and Boston committed an error, yet, it was the Jays that lost simply because they (Kevin Gregg) walked in the winning run – ouch!

Travis Snider really needs to start hitting, and he knows it. When he dribbled the last out in the 9th inning, he tried to split his bat in half in utter frustration, and who can blame him? He’s the wonder kid who was never supposed to fail and was a sure thing! Guess not, and he’s got a ton of work to do because pitchers know exactly how to get him out. Until he proves he can hit offs-peed pitches, he’s done for. He may be sent back to AAA to work on this, but he proved last year that AAA was no place to learn such a thing, so I’m not sure that’s the solution. What they need to get him is the right batting coach. Someone who can get the right things done and make it right, because he’s way too valuable to the Jays to be sent down to the minors each time he slumps. At only 22 years old, the Jays need to be as patient as possible to make sure he stays on track and doesn’t get too discouraged.

The Jays have Cecil going up against Lester today – let’s hope he can help right the ship after 4 straight losses!