Jays Pen Subtractions – Additions


The Jays read my mind by making a few transactions on Tuesday, and statements, and made the 2 changes I had suggested – that is to send Merkin Valdez down if you’re not going to use him, and to use Jeremy Accardo‘s option so that he can go down to AAA and find his stuff again. I’m not sure if Valdez will pass through waivers, be traded, or released (the Jays have 10 days to decide) but these moves needed to be done.

Coming up to Toronto from AAA Las Vegas are relievers Rommie Lewis (2.35, 5 saves) and Josh Roenicke (0.00). In a way, these moves should be equal to trading for 2 relievers because they do make the Jays significantly better and more fresh in the pen. I like these moves a lot and do believe they were exactly what the Jays needed. At the very least, I do hope Cito trusts both enough to give them a real shot to prove themselves and that they settle a pen that has been volatile in recent days.