Jays Get Lucky Versus KC, But Show Grit


The Jays easily could have lost the game Tuesday instead of winning it 4 to 3 in front of another 10,500 some odd people in Rogers Center. The key play of the game was a dropped fly ball by Rick Ankiel that allowed Wells to reach 3rd base and Lyle Overbay who hit the ball to reach 2nd base. Lyle later scored despite almost being picked off at 3 B by an alert Alberto Callaspo play, where Lyle had turned by the base and had to slide back to get under the tag. Had Lyle been out, the game would have either been tied after the 9th, or the momentum would have given KC the win.

Vernon Wells (.364) is simply in the zone right now and looks like an all-star once again. It took him until June 24th in 2009 to reach 7 HRs, while he accomplished this yesterday – a little over 2 months earlier. The ball must seem huge to him right now as he;s hitting everything with power, adding 2 doubles to go with his HR on Tuesday (he now has 6 on the year). Outstanding work VW! Fred Lewis was able to hit his 2nd double in 2 games and looks good so far at the top of the lineup.

The funniest point of the game was watching John Buck‘s reaction to his infield hit. He was as surprised as everyone else, and I’m certain we won’t see too many of those this season.

Mike McCoy had a rough day, watching 2 called strikes which could have gone either way, dropping a fly ball after noticing Travis Snider barreling in on him in the 9th that allowed Billy Butler to come up to bat with the runner on 2nd, and also going 0-3 while leaving 3 on the base paths. Jose Bautista also didn’t help matters by being scared of the ball on an error in the second inning. He actually turned his entire body away from the ball – what ever happened to putting yourself in front of the ball and keeping the runner from going to 2nd as a result? I guess he’s played a little too much OF to remember this fundamental point.

So long as the Jays can keep winning with Aaron Hill out of the lineup, things look good for the Jays. It’s good to know he’ll be back for the next series against the Rays, because the Jays are going to need all hands on deck to beat them after their impressive start.