Brett Cecil Handles Salt Lake


He has to be disappointed about being demoted to AAA and is now forced to watch a ton of great starts by current Jays hurlers, but Brett Cecil is doing everything is his power to make sure the Jays keep him at the top of the “next” list.

Brett’s game stats were not overly dominant, but they were effective. He threw 5 innings, gave up 6 hits that resulted in 2 earned runs. More importantly, he struck out 8 hitters and didn’t walk any, which showed his propensity to throw strikes (65 of 92 pitches). Josh Roenicke and Sean Henn followed up his outing with 3 shutout innings of their own, while Rommie Lewis skated with danger, giving up 1 ER over 3 hits but still getting the save in the end (his second of the season).

Chris Lubanski, Jorge Padilla, Jarrett Hoffpauir, and Jesus Merchan all had 2 hits a piece, and Lubanski added a SB. For those wondering how prized acquisition Brett Wallace is doing, he went 0 for 4 (2 strike outs) and is now hitting .214 on the year. Let’s hope that changes some time soon – at least before he is sent down to AA.

Las Vegas is now 3-1 on the season and looking good overall. They should be able to do this well all season long and that winning attitude should transfer well to the Jays when promotions occur. Good stuff! It’s nice to know the Jays have a winner like Brett Cecil waiting in the wings.