The 2010 Las Vegas Roster


I’ve put up the opening day roster for the Lansing Lugnuts (LoA) and the New Hampshire Fishercats opening day roster, now it’s time for AAA Las Vegas. Here it is, loaded with talent and potential:


Brett Cecil (23 years old), Reidier Gonzalez (24 years old, #30 BA rank), Brad Mills (25 years old, #8 BA rank), Zach Jackson (26 years old), Robert Ray (26 years old)

Josh Roenicke (27 years old, #7 BA rank), Rommie Lewis (27 years old), Sean Henn (28 years old), Willie Collazo (30 years old), Jesse Carlson (29 years old), Lance Broadway (26 years old), David Purcey (27 years old)


JP Arencibia (24 years old, #2 BA rank), Raul Chavez (37 years old), Kyle Phillips (25 years old)


Brian Dopirak (27 years old, #23 BA rank), Kyle Phillips (26 years old)


Jarrett Hoffpauir (26 years old), Luis Figueroa (36 years old)


Jesus Merchan (29 years old)


Brett Wallace (22 years old), Christian Colonel (28 years old)


Chris Lubanski (25 years old)


Jeremy Reed (28 years old), Chris Aguilla (31 years old)


Jorge Padilla (30 years old), Aaron Matthews (27 years old)


JP Arencibia (24 years old, #2 BA rank), Chris Aguilla (31 years old)

There is a lot of depth on this roster that should allow the Jays to patch up any holes that may occur throughout the season. Obviously, the major attractions of this club will be Brett Wallace, JP Arencibia and Brian Dopirak combo in the middle of the lineup, but other newcomers Chris Lubanski and Jeremy Reed will also be impact players for this club based on what they showed us this spring. Overall, this squad should have no problem scoring a bunch of runs, or runs in bunches.

This lineup is very good overall and holds a ton of potential. I’m just throwing this out there as a possible opening day lineup:

  1. CF Jeremy Reed
  2. LF Chris Lubanski
  3. 1B Brian Dopirak
  4. 3B Brett Wallace
  5. C/DH JP Arencibia
  6. DH Aaron Matthews
  7. RF Jorge Padilla
  8. 2B Jarrett Hoffpauir
  9. SS Jesus Merchan