So Many Box Scores, So Little Time…


What an opening day. Rookies were making themselves known, led by Heyward’s first AB HR and Jackson’s throw to the plate, and veterans were proving themselves in new markets, led by Roy Halladay who neutralized Nats hitters for his first win as a Phil. Sadly, the Jays lost what should have been an opening day win and let a wonderful performance from Shaun Marcum go to waste. I have no time to get into the game, but there were a ton of positives to cover. You can see most of them in my game notes. Travis Snider’s D, Vernon Wells and Adam Lind’s bats, and Shaun Marcum’s health and effectiveness lead the way to giving Jays fans hope that better things are to come in 2010. However, Jose Bautista returned to his 2009 pop up extravaganza and may open the door for the Jays to try Mike McCoy in the role before long. All he needs to do is get on base, that’s it. After that, it does seem that the Jays will be more than able to drive in runs.

Today’s an off day – not sure why – so we get a breather and are back at it on Wednesday.

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