Jays Journal Wins Fansided NCAA Bracket Championship!


Thank you Duke and Butler for the great, great show and help in winning the bracket!

I had to take the time to brag a little about beating 49 other teams in the NCAA March Madness Bracket Championship we ran on ESPN. Congrats are in order for others in the top 4 who also chose Duke to win it all! My margin of error for the win was tiny, as I only beat out Angel’s BlackoutDallas by 10 points! The Rat Trick and fellow MLB blog Halo Hangout rounded out the top 4 and the only other teams to score over 1000 points.

The strength of my bracket was calling the Butler wins all the way to the final four, getting Duke to win it all, and also the fact that I had 1 perfect portion of the bracket and another with only 1 error (Kansas losing to N Iowa). The one risk I took that turned against me was that I had predicted Clemson would climb ahead of all others in the East and face Wisconsin for the East championship – well, that was terribly wrong. I did get the Xavier and Kansas St match up perfect in the West, but had Xavier pulling off an upset to face Butler. No such luck.

Jays Journal is proud to be the 2010 NCAA Tournament Challenge Champion for the Fansided group and will be there to protect it in 2011.