Game 1 Notes: TOR vs TEX


I’ll be updating this as the game goes on and doing an event by event add-in as I can, with the newest item at the top of the list.

  • At least Marcum showed us he’s ready to lead the staff. 161 games to go!
  • Wow. I guess I should’ve stuck around. Jason Frasor didn’t do much for his trade value. AA must be….
  • I sadly have to run now that the no hitter streak is done with. Enjoy and Go Jays!
  • Young pops out. Hamilton walks. He looked like the happiest man in the world to get on base. Vladdy fouls one way out there, but gets a single thereafter.
  • Buck grounds out, Encarnacion pops out, Gonzalez lines out. Middle of the 7th.
  • Marcum Ks Blanco for his 5th K of the day. Ks Andrus for his 6th K. Borbon pops out. 6 IP, 0 hits, 0 walks, 6 Ks, 68 pitches thrown. Roy who?
  • Lind is 3 for 3 and Texas wishes they drafted this guy. His performances in Arlington are outstanding. Wells pops out. Overbay grounds into double play.
  • I’m not even going to say it, I’ll just let the line do the talking: 5 IP, 0 hits, 0 walks, 4 Ks. Wow! All that and only 53 pitches thrown. Houston, we have an ace.
  • Snider is Kd, still gets pat on the bat from Cito. Bautista pops out,  Hill also pops up. Not a good day so far for Jose or Aaron.
  • Marcum gets his 4th K of the day (Borbon). Encarnacion makes a decent defensive play at 3B, but rushed a throw to Overbay who did well to block it. Runner on 1st. Wells makes a sliding catch due to a nice jump in CF, 2 outs. I guess it’s Jose’s turn to make a nice catch next…. Vladdy pops up, 3 outs.
  • The Doc is dealing for Philly. 70 pitches, 6 innings completed, 7 Ks and only 4 hits and 2 walks allowed along with 1 ER.
  • Encarnacion throws a bat….is his grip weak due to wrist issues? That’s a stretch. He pops out. Jays go out 1-2-3 in the inning.
  • Marcum, 1 pitch, 1 out, love it. Gets the next 2 out, 1 with a K (Andrus). 34 pitches, 3 IP. Nice.
  • Wells lines out to RF for the last out of the inning.
  • Lind adds to the Jays lead with a low and hard HR to right field. It’s the second time a Jays hitter goes down and gets one low in the zone. Great stuff!
  • Bautista hits the ball hard, but right to Hamilton. Hill grounds out – again.
  • Marcum gets a double play ball out of Chris Davis, Overbay to Gonzalez to Marcum – very nice efensive play all around – the jays look sharp and Shaun has thrown 23 pitches over 2 innings.
  • Snider makes a very nice diving catch for the 1st out of the inning, showing surprising speed and agility.
  • Marcum plunks Vladdy in the shoulder. Great stuff – get it inside Shaun!
  • Encarnacion, Gonzalez, Snider go down 1-2-3.
  • For anyone who cares, and most do, Roy Halladay has 6 Ks in 3 IP so far. He has allowed 1 run on a Ryan Zimmerman double, but looks great otherwise – no surprise there!
  • Marcum Ks his second hitter in 3 ABs with the strike out of Josh Hamilton. Looking great!
  • Michael Young hit the ball well, caught in CF by Wells who moved 4 feet to get to it.
  • Shaun Marcum’s first batter faced, Julio Burbon, in 2010 is K’d. Atta boy Shaun.
  • Overbay gets on due to an error by Blanco but Buck ends the inning.
  • Anyone notice the new handle bar moustache sported by Lyle Overbay? It does make him look a little meaner at the plate, so let’s hope that can intimidate some of the docile pitchers in the league.
  • Vernon Wells instantaneously gives Jays fans everywhere hope that he’ll be the leader he needs to be with a rocket he went over the plate and down to get and deposited over the left-center wall. Right on Vernon, great way to kick off 2010! 2 – 0 Jays.
  • Adam Lind gets a long single on a well hit drive…..hmmm, maybe…
  • Aaron Hill grounded out to Elvis Andrus…..I’m getting antsy!
  • Jose Bautista popped out for the first Jays AB of the season….boring!