extension of Adam Lind (26) for 4 more years at a tota..."/> extension of Adam Lind (26) for 4 more years at a tota..."/>

Adam Lind Gets Extension


The Blue Jays have solidified their long term hitting with the extension of Adam Lind (26) for 4 more years at a total cost of $18 million:

  • 2010: $400,000 + $600,000 Bonus
  • 2011: $5,000,000
  • 2012: $5,000,000
  • 2013: $5,000,000 – this buys out all 3 of his arbitration years
  • 2014: $2,000,000 buyout or $7,000,000 (Team option)
  • 2015: $1,000,000 buyout or $7,500,000 (Team option)
  • 2016: $500,000 buyout or $8,000,000 (Team option)

Should all of those options be exercised, the Blue Jays will have Adam Lind playing for them for 7 more seasons (including 2010) and he will be 33 years old. The total cost if the Jays take him up on all options is $38,500,000 over 7 years. That is quite a discount for the Jays, as described in the comparison of this deal and the one Nick Markaikis signed with the O’s.

The Alex Anthopolous era is truly placing all of the ducks in a row as they move towards building a winner in Toronto. With Lind now assured to be a Jay until 2013 at a minimum and possibly until 2016, and Aaron Hill also locked up until 2014 if the Jays pick up his club options, the Jays have a good window to build a contender. When you consider all of the draft picks the Jays have this season and the possibility of 3-5 of them being impact players within 2-3 years, the Jays are in a prime position to compete. Add to that the low amount of money committed and the possibility of a FA or two being added, and the Jays are doing all of the right things this off season.

The importance of the Jays controlling Adam Lind through his prime years cannot be understated. He’ll be a major part of the Jays and could foreseeably be a Jay for his entire career. The Jays should now be able to attract more FAs with these players locked up. Now if only we could get an update on and confirmation of an Adeiny Hechevarria signing…..

I love this move by AA, as usual, and look forward to the next one! I’ll update the breakdown of the contract once we have confirmation.