An Ode to Opening Day


You’ve survived yet another winter. You may have gained a little weight, ate a little too much pie over the holidays, eaten too much chocolate Valentine’s day, or even came out of it ahead because of some will and a good New Year’s resolution. As February approached, some started paying attention to some Baseball news and tried to wrap their heads around what their team’s roster looks like, who’s new, who left, and who is still here for better or for worse.

Writers everywhere are trying to get their opinions and predictions across, setting up who may finish first and who will finish last. Stats are thrown around like confetti and history is mixed with future predictions. Opinions are set, and rankings are made. Fantasy leagues start their drafts and fill up some ownership spots if they’ve suffered some losses, new friends and opponents are made instantaneously.

During Spring Training, some very lucky fans got to spend some time close up to the players. They saw the new faces and got a glimpse of what to expect in 2010. Families went together and spent some good wholesome time under the sun, when it cooperated, and at a buffet when it didn’t. As the Spring wore on, teams slowly settled their rosters and sent some players down to the minor league camps. Some were heartbroken to get the news, some expected it all along and took it in stride.

Each time transactions are made, writers everywhere continue to chatter with fans and share their opinions and takes on what is happening. The excitement is building up, fans are buying tickets, and the stadiums across the U.S. and in Canada are stocking up for opening day. Ahh, opening day, the one thing most parents understands their kids skipping school for. Most don’t even buy tickets ahead of time. They just head on out at recess or before school, head downtown, and take the best seat they can get when they get there.

As you enter the stadium, wherever you are on opening day, or even if you’re flicking on the game on your television or computer and watching it on your own or with friends, everyone knows one thing for certain – your team is 0 and 0 and tied for the division lead. Nobody has predicted the future completely or accurately, there’s hope for any team to surprise or disappoint, and the season kicks off with an anthem and a first pitch, and some fighter jets if you’re lucky. Food, sun, cloud, cold, friends, family, laughter, oohh and aahhs take over the stadiums, homes, and workplaces across North America. Baseball is once again in the forefront of our consciousness.

Whether you’re cheering for the Blue Jays or any other team in MLB, I sincerely hope that your opening day will be one of many great memories baseball provides us with. Enjoy it, remember it, and may the best team win!