McDade Plays Hero in First Game


It’s never too early to start getting clutch hits. It seemed to me, and to everyone else watching, that Merkin Valdez had lost the game for the Jays when he gave up a run in the 10th inning to give the Braves a 6-5 lead. Enter Michael McDade, who I rate as the third best 1B prospect after Brett Wallace and Brian Dopirak, and well ahead of David Cooper, who hit his second double of the game – a 2-run double this time, to win the game for the Jays. Talk about making a slash! That’ll turn some heads within Jays management to be sure. McDade should begin the year in HiA Dunedin, but could move quickly as Brett Wallace and others are promoted.

The Jays kept Sean Ochinko at 3B again today, this time for 2 AB and he was 0 for 2. Marc Rzepczynski didn’t have his best day of the spring as he got the ball up a little more often than he usually does. He gave up 3 ER over 5 IP. Scott Downs, Jason Frasor, and Shawn Camp all threw shutout innings, while both Kevin Gregg and Merkin Valdez gave up a run a piece. 2B prospect Ryan Schimpf got some playing time today, going 1 for 2 , while regular 2B Aaron Hill hit his second HR of the spring.

Other Jays news and notes:

  • The Jays apparently have hired a Sabermetric Guru, one of the best in the industry, in Tom Tango who hails from Montreal. Great piece on him, and well worth the read;
  • You can catch all of the Baseball Side of Fansided posted here, on Kings of Kauffman’s site;
  • Dustin McGowan‘s return is likely to be delayed as expected as he has issues with his right shoulder;
  • Meanwhile, Brandon Morrow has been having arm issues of his own, proving that dealing one of Brian Tallet or Dana Eveland may be a little premature when you consider the constant risks of injury to pitchers;
  • Cito continues to place John Buck and Lyle Overbay ahead of Travis Snider in the lineup…..why? One will likely hit below .250 and the other is not going to stick around and has limited power and already reached his ceiling. This is going to be a constant battle for both Snider and I; and
  • My man Mike McCoy is finally getting the attention he deserves. Maybe Jordan Bastien looked at my pieces….nah, I doubt it! Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s reading who’s mind…