Sunday Jays News


I’m sure all avid Jays fans notice 2 big things about yesterday’s spring training game versus Tim Hudson and the Braves: first, that Ricky Romero looked outstanding once again and is taking his game to a new level, and second, that Dana Eveland followed him up with 3 shutout innings and 4 strike outs, a performance that should give him the edge in getting that #5 role.  He personally chalks it up to an attitude change he’s made. Here are some other game notes I noticed and some Jays news:

  • Travis Snider was finally moved out fo the basement in the lineup. The result was a double in his first AB against Tim Hudson. Let’s hope that’s something he can build on, as the Jays need his bat in the lineup;
  • Jeremy Reed is really pushing hard for Snider’s spot. He finished the day going 2 for 3 with a double;
  • Randy Ruiz tried to steal a base…..Randy, come on now! I know he wants to beat out Brian Dopirak, but getting caught stealing bases isn’t the way to do it!
  • Brad Emaus went 2 for 2, which brought his average up to .400 so far this spring. He also had a hot spring last season and fell flat thereafter, so it remains to be seen if his game keeps up when he should be returned to AAA;
  • Kyle Drabek was sent back to AA, as expected, and will lead the pitching group for New Hampshire, hopefully not for a long time;
  • And finally, if you read my rant yesterday (a result of reading this article) you know that I’m pulling for Mike McCoy to beat out Joey Gathright for a bench spot, I entirely admit it. I believe that just as Garrett Jones and Randy Ruiz proved last season, some players just need the opportunity to play in order to shine. I also believe that versatility should be the rule when selecting bench players, and McCoy beats all other players in that regard as he does everything but play 1B (I’m sure he could, but being a power bat is not his forte to say the least). Well, I got my wish for McCoy to get more playing time, hitting lead off with Gathright behind him. McCoy went 2 for 4, while Gathright went 0 for 3. This point, and all others thus far this spring, goes to McCoy.

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